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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

International Security Conference

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International Security Conference

International Security Conference

The 2022 programme will be available soon

The International Security Conference will see a host of leading experts come together to deliver CPD certified content that will help you understand security best practice as applied to a range of different scenarios – an ideal opportunity to get practical advice from some of the most qualified names in the security industry.

We are working with our advisory council to create a top-level content programme. Watch this space for exciting things to come. Follow us on Social media for the latest updates.


Rekor Systems

Day 1 – Protect Duty / PALs, Night-Time Economy, Leisure & Events

Publicly Accessible Locations (PALs) will be a major focus for the industry throughout 2022/23, with the anticipated Protect Duty being debated in Parliament and bringing in the first primary legislation mandating levels of security for those responsible for PALs. This day of the conference will look at many of the practical issues surrounding its implementation, covering the proposed legislation itself, wider planning and advice, whilst delving into case studies for different aspects including public and privately controlled PALs such as iconic buildings and concert areas.

However, the best way to ensure security is to have it designed in rather than retrofitted. Design will be a critical part of implementing the Protect Duty, ensuring solutions match the image of the areas they are designed to protect.

Linking the legislation and design issues to practicalities is a fundamental element. Case studies and panel discussions will explore this in detail across the Night-Time Economy, Leisure and Events, whilst also expanding to the wider issues that affect all of these areas and more.

Day 2 – CNI, Aviation & Transport

Changes in volume of traffic through our airports and along our rail networks. Difficulties in securing our fuel supplies, water and power networks. The challenges of continuing to deliver output in an ever-shifting security landscape have changed – what is the reality and how is it impacting these industries?

This conference will examine where things have changed, where they haven’t and will look at the priorities exercising security decision-makers across the CNI, Aviation and Transport arena, including Maritime, Ports, Road and Rail. 

COVID and its impact on out transport networks leads us to explore a new subject – biosecurity – and ask what more should we be doing?

Central to the CNI, Aviation and Transport day will be a series of panel discussions exploring the high-level challenges, threats and trends, including future hubs, cyber, drones, piracy, insider threats, migrants, terror and organised crime. The underlying question will remain, has the pandemic changed the nature of aviation and transport security?

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