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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Exhibitor Products

Exhibitor Products

  • The Eagle M60 ZBx is a multi-technology, mobile inspection system that uses combinational imaging to scan cargo and vehicles at seaports, border crossings, and security checkpoints. It offers high-qua ...
  • The ZBV is the most maneuverable, versatile, and successful cargo and vehicle screening system on the market. Its easy-to-interpret Z Backscatter® image quickly and clearly reveals threats like explos ...
  • The MINI Z system is the world's first handheld Z Backscatter® X-ray imaging system. It provides fast, real-time imaging that highlights concealed threats and contraband, helping to detect drugs, curr ...
  • Introducing the No-Go Mat! This modular anti trespass system provides a visual and physical deterrent for any unwanted visitors in restricted areas. These eco-friendly panels are designed with varied ...
  • VRDT Eco

    15 Sep 2021 Chris Plimley

    VRDT - Eco from Vaylia Integrated Security is a powerful, innovative and flexible rapid deploy CCTV system which ticks the box for its green credentials thanks to its hydrogen power

  • iNetra is an intelligent vision platform by Prescient Technologies. iNetra adds intelligence to the video feed from security cameras, detects violations, and provides actionable alerts and insights without any human intervention.


    10 Sep 2021 Simon Bretholz
    PITAGONE Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers are designed, developed & produced in Belgium.  PITAGONE F18 was tested in its fully operational position  Our barriers are Certified & Patent Granted 

    10 Sep 2021 Simon Bretholz
    PITAGONE Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers are designed, developed & produced in Belgium.  PITAGONE F11 was tested in its fully operational position  Our barriers are Certified & Patent Granted 
  • A Portable Counter Drone Solution

  • For Long-Range Detection and Jamming

  • Increase Efficiency With The Right Security Guard Management Software

  • Boost Productivity With the m-Post Security Guard App

  • ELVIRA® drone detection radar

    06 Sep 2021 Robin Radar Systems


  • IRIS® full 3D drone detection radar

    04 Sep 2021 Robin Radar Systems


  • Legion Aramid

    06 Sep 2021 KP

    Legion Aramid is predominately used for ballistic spall liners and is idea for lower levels of protection (handgun and light machine gun). Aramid spall liners are commonly mounted on the inside of a vehicle, vessel or structure and are designed to encapsulate the impacting projectile.

  • Legion Polyethylene

    06 Sep 2021 KP

    ASL GRP’s Legion Polyethylene panels are a lightweight armour designed to protect against ballistic attack. Vehicle, vessel and personnel protection up to BR6.

  • Blast suppression blankets are used to suppress the blast fragmentation from an explosion that can cause damage and injuries.

  • ASL GRP's Attack Resistant Composite (ARC) is designed to protect both the occupants and the exterior of the vehicle in a riot or hostile situation. ARC is shotgun resistant, fire retardant and a direct replacement for OEM vehicle body work.

  • Legion Anti-Cut

    06 Sep 2021 KP

    Rigid Anti-Cut or Flexible Anti-Cut solutions, ideal for use in Cash in Transit (CIT) or high value transportation vehicles.

  • The SafeHaven Wellbeing App is a psychological first aid app that enables organisations to meet best practice guidelines and international standards for supporting personnel after an incident.

    Fully compatible across all devices and compliant with international standards, this app provides personnel with psychoeducation and skills to build and maintain psychological resilience; as well as understand how to support themselves and colleagues after an incident.

  • TR360PRO+

    23 Aug 2021 Charlotte Jones

    Designed to operate in harsh conditions and treatment, the TR360PRO+ is perfect for scanning large numbers of individuals at a wide range of events and occasions e.g. public buildings, public events, licensed premises and schools.

  • TR50 Conveyor X-ray Scanner

    23 Aug 2021 Charlotte Jones

    The TR50 conveyor x-ray scanner provides the effective inspection of small bags and parcels within a limited space.

  • What is a Drone Security Threat Assessment? TLP Drone Security Threat Assessment uses a bespoke Risk Assessment Tool built in consultation with risk and insurance specialists, to assess the security o ...
  • What is Drone Security Support? TLP Drone Security Support is a bespoke service delivering drone security and public safety solutions, that meet the individual needs of clients. Who is this service ai ...
  • What is Counter Drone Defence Mapping? TLP Counter Drone Defence Mapping tackles the issue of rogue drone attacks, using advanced mapping software, we can map out the most likely launch site of a rogu ...
  • Marine Lock

    04 Jan 2021 Tim Lloyd

    Magnet Schultz Product No. EBL-M1212. Robust 12mm diameter bolt | 12mm stroke | energise-to-lock and spring-to-lock versions | IP65 design basis | door closed proving switch | high-quality polished surface plates

  • Weatherproof Electric Bolt Lock

    28 Mar 2021 Tim Lloyd

    Magnet Schultz Product No. EBL-W2020. Stroke 20mm | energise-to-lock & spring-to-lock versions | bolt position switches | manual override | anodised aluminium housing

  • Modular Shotbolts

    12 Jul 2021 Tim Lloyd

    Magnet Schultz Product No. GSCX. Spring-to-lock and energise-to-lock versions | stroke up to 12mm | axial load up to 3000N | nose mounting | IP65 electrical connection | long-life maintenance-free bearings | bolt position switch optional

  • Box Magnets

    07 Jun 2021 Tim Lloyd

    Magnet Schultz Product No. BMEH/BMER. Energise-to-hold or energise-to-release | holding force up to 640N | fully sealed assembly | monobloc IP68 pole faces | for marine & wet environments.

  • Our highly-trained and professional security officers provide a highly visible deterrent at your events. To keep your event security solutions robust and resilient, we conduct regular training, scenar ...
  • Our industry-leading Customer Security Operations Centres (SOCs) provide dedicated security centres focused on your individual operation, monitoring and responding to risks and threats on a national b ...
  • We deliver and manage highly complex, integrated fire and security system solutions. Our innovative, technology-based approach and end-to-end managed services provide a comprehensive view of security ...
  • We deploy highly-trained and professional Traffic Management personnel, ensuring a streamlined experience for customers entering and exiting your premises. Our Traffic Management personnel are adept a ...
  • Mitie's property solutions security teams work 24/7 to provide you peace of mind that your unoccupied properties are safe and secure, and ensuring you remain compliant with insurance guidelines. Our t ...
  • As a registered Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), Mitec protects some of the world’s largest companies and their employees, delivering real-time response to incidents via Police call-outs and Mitie’s mobi ...
  • Our specialist Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) are experts in open-source intelligence gathering and analysis. Our GSOC team utilises this analysis to create an enhanced picture of the threat ...
  • We work with your key stakeholders to identify existing shortfalls and develop strategic solutions to ensure the security of your business, locations and people. Adopting a holistic approach to ensure ...
  • Our guarding services ensure you have the best calibre of security personnel to protect your people, assets and environments. Our security officers are fully licensed and highly trained individuals, s ...
  • Merlin Protect 24/7 is the leader in global intelligence software, driven by the evolving operational challenges you face. Merlin Protect 24/7 continuously analyses your risks, with real-time automati ...
  • D-Fend Solutions’ Multi-Sensor Command & Control system (MSC2), a central management solution, controls multiple EnforceAir sensors remotely from a single server, empowering organizations to intuitively safeguard vast expanses of land from rogue drones and quickly scale up for virtually any operational requirement. MSC2 complements and enhances the EnforceAir systems it manages.


    EnforceAir, D-Fend Solutions’ flagship anti-drone product, features the world’s premier counter-drone, cyber, radio frequency (RF)-based takeover technology. Our system, in either autonomous or manual mode, detects, locates and identifies rogue drones in your airspace and then neutralizes the threat by allowing you to take full control over the drone and land it safely in a predefined zone.


  • HALO Vault: DAMS

    02 Aug 2021 halo

    HALO Vault: Our best-in-class digital asset management software.

    For storing, viewing and streaming multiple media types all in one secure cloud-based environment. In other words, HALO Vault is a holistic digital security solution built for a world full of budget cuts and increasing demands of front-line staff.

  • HALO Horizon BodyCam

    02 Aug 2021 HALO

    Lease our Halo Horizon Body Cam solution from just £30 per month. An IP68 certified Body Cam with industry-leading Sony starlight lens technology and AES256 encryption. Our solution allows you to fully tailor your Body Camera features to meet your team’s needs now and in the future.


    Automatically redact CCTV video with confidence. 

    Save time, cut costs, automatically anonymise faces and number plates in any video. 

  • Automatic detection, live alerts, search, and discovery of visual content in large collections and live video streams.


  • Human Security Radar®

    28 Jul 2021 Apstec Systems

    HSR is a  fully automatic real-time threat detection and mass people screening solution that introduces and extends secure perimeters without disrupting the people flow:
    • Uniquely high throughput of up to 6,000 people per hour
    • Automatic threat detection, driven by Artificial Intelligence
    • Screens without the need to divest, remove coats or remove bags
    • Detects IEDs, including low metallic devices
    • Detects firearms and bladed weapons


  • Able to manage and track all your keys, personnel access rights and movement, from a central location. The convenience of remote control
    and high security throughout your business, anytime and from anywhere. 

  • ABLOY Super Weather-proof padlocks

    Trusted to protect critical infrastructure assets in remote locations and extreme conditions across the globe.

    The SWP range of padlocks includes both mechanical and electromechanical models in a range of sizes which are compatible with the CLIQ™ system, to ensure only authorised access, with a full audit trail available.

  • Rapiscan Systems Orion Metor 900M is an advanced walk-through metal detector with enhanced capabilities for the detection of metal contraband in all security applications.

  • Every day, customers around the world choose Real Time Tomography (RTT®) to improve the speed, efficiency and effectiveness, while lowering the cost of their explosives detection screening operations. That’s because we designed RTT110 to overcome limitations of the past, and enable next generation, high-speed screening. 

  • 920CT is Rapiscan Systems CT checkpoint screening system for aviation cabin baggage. It provides the highest resolution full 3D image allowing the highest degree of On Screen Inspection and Resolution (OSIR) for the operator reducing the need to manually search open bags.

  • Integriti Encrypted High Security: Access control and intruder detection systems for critical infrastructures

  • Integriti: an intelligent integrated security management system

  • Inception: access control for small businesses and single sites

    – a new dimension in high-end digital security solutions

  • Fast, accurate, portable and easy to use, the ETD-100 has been designed to augment any security checkpoint scenario. Complementary to traditional explosive trace detectors, the ETD-100 is optimised to detect explosive compositions that contain inorganic materials. The deployment of the ETD-100 increases the detection probability of homemade explosives and IEDs which are the predominate threat used in terrorist activities around the world.

  • KeyWatcher Touch

    21 Jul 2021 Marcey Tweedie

    Electronic Key Control System

  • Eagle Eye Cloud VMS

    Charlotte Tijhuis

    Eagle Eye’s 100% cloud-managed solutions provide cloud and on-premise recording, bank-level security and encryption, and broad analog and digital camera support – all accessed via the web or mobile applications. All Eagle Eye products benefit from our developer-friendly RESTful API platform and Big Data Video Framework ™, which allow indexing, search, retrieval, and analysis of live and archived video. Eagle Eye sells its products through authorized global resellers and installation partners.

  • Fusion

    28 Jun 2021 salto systems

    Aelement Fusion is an electronic lock with a sleek reader accentuated by an interactive light ring, providing a minimalistic design.  It eliminates lock hardware on the door by encasing all electronic components inside the door itself.

  • Neo

    28 Jun 2021 salto systems

    The compact SALTO Neo Cylinder is designed for doors where fitting an electronic escutcheon is not possible or required and can be installed on standard doors, server racks, gates, cabinets, electric switches, sliding doors and more. It is available in an extensive range of models to suit almost any kind of door – from Europe to ASIA to the Americas.

  • XS4 Mini

    28 Jun 2021 salto systems

    Stylish design is a SALTO trademark and with the XS4 Mini, we raise the bar on this already high standard thanks to its small, discreet size combined with a modern, clean LED aesthetic.The Mini’s smart compactness simplifies installation. The XS4 Mini maintains the fire rating of the door as no additional drilling of the door is required.

  • XS4 One

    28 Jun 2021 salto systems

    The SALTO XS4 One is the evolution of the Original model with a built-in, totally new reader available in two colours. This version is compatible with most European mortise locks and cylinders.


    28 Jun 2021 salto systems

    Smart access control technology platform designed to give users ultimate freedom of choice regarding system layout, type and number of access points as well as level of security.

  • The BV 6045 is a reliable, optimal and cost-effective security solution which provides enhanced threat and contraband detection capabilities. The system is intended to make security screening process ...
  • Weighing 160 kg and having an ergonomic design the BV 5030CA can be easily relocated through most doorways and deployed even in restricted space areas without any need for special equipment or staff. ...
  • Designed with innovative technology, the DTP 7500/320DV is a state-of-the-art dual-view, dual-energy drive-thru X-ray scanner with a portal-shaped detection system for the inspection of trucks with dr ...
  • The BV STREAM is intended for X-ray screening of backpacks, bags, parcels and personal items in order to detect blades, firearms, ammunition and any other prohibited items. The BV STREAM is best appli ...
  • CONPASS Smart DV allows the operator to obtain a projection X-ray image of the abdominal cavity and the person under inspection to reveal what’s hidden under the clothes, "look inside" the abdominal c ...
  • ARX STOPPER temporary HVM Bollards

    30 May 2021 Eric Swithenbank
    ARX Stopper©    This product holds a CPNI Vehicle Attack Delay Standard (VADS) rating Fast and easy to set up Minimum of 3 units in a single array with no maximum limit, also possible to set up a chic ...
  • Nowadays, crucial intelligence is derived from open-source data. Finding and extracting location based intelligence information remains a big challenge, as well as to efficiently generate intelligent insights.

  • Our powerful web intelligence solution monitors online activity, collecting and analyzing data of endless digital channels – from the open, deep and dark web.

  • Threat intelligence is becoming an integral part of many organizations and requires advanced technological solutions to be performed in the best manner. Our AI-powered engine is designed to guide organizations in centralizing their threat intelligence from all sources and platforms in one innovative solution. The automated tools provide real-time alerts to create clarity of the threats in the organization’s feed and streamlining operations. 

  • Bridge Protection Technology

    02 Jun 2021 Lucy Ketley

    Having pioneered shallow mount technology since its invention, ATG Access is proud to introduce our shallowest technology yet. This innovative new Bridge Protection Bollard sits within just a 40mm deep base plate, allowing it to sit within a bridge kerb without damaging the structural integrity of the bridge deck.

  • ATG Access crash tested, fixed, automatic & shallow foundation bollards offer impact tested security for sites ranging from urban to industrial. Whatever the threat level, ATG has a suitable solution.

    All of our security bollards have been designed and tested to major crash test standards including BSI PAS 68 & IWA 14-1. 

  • Vehicle Barriers Systems

    02 Jun 2021 Lucy Ketley

    Designed for vehicle entrance security, these anti-terror barriers have been crash tested to BSI PAS 68, ASTM or IWA 14-1 standards.

    ATG Access's range of vehicle barriers are ideal for industrial or service entrance locations such as data centres, stadiums or energy production sites. 

  • Surface Guard Barrier System

    02 Jun 2021 Lucy Ketley

    When it comes to security, a permanent solution isn't always possible. This could be because you are trying to secure a seasonal event such as a Christmas market or a festival that only lasts for a limited timeframe. Because of the lack of permanent security measures in place, these kinds of events have become vulnerable targets for potential terror attacks. With their high volume of attendees, it is crucial that some form of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) is in place to protect them. 


  • Part of ATG Access's Bristorm range, we offer a wide selection of wire rope fence ideal for perimeter security. Our anti-vehicle fence is designed for high-security protection and has been crash-tested to BSI PAS 68 and ASTM standards.

    Whether you're looking to secure the perimeter of a data centre, army base or industrial site, we have the perfect security fence for your needs. 

  • ARX Security fencing ofers a new to market temporary, high security, modular fence system.  Easy and fast to install and recover, ARX Security has the answers 2.4m and 3.6m high options available  Var ...
  • PROSCREEN 500™

    25 May 2021 Jim Wingfield
    BOOSTING PERFORMANCE IN SECURITY SCREENING FOR HARD TO DETECT ITEMS Proscreen 500™ is the answer to calls for a new and evolved security screening solution. Highly effective, discreet and portable, Pr ...

    25 May 2021 Jim Wingfield
    PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS IN CONTRABAND DETECTION Cellsense® Plus cellphone and contraband detector enhances the effectiveness for correctional facilities to confiscate contraband within the walls of the f ...

    25 May 2021 Jim Wingfield
    DETECTION PERFORMANCE IN A CLASS BY ITSELF Metrasens has re-engineered its market leading contraband detection systems to revolutionize portable screening of concealed inmate contraband. By introducin ...
  • Ex-Mil Recruitment Ltd

    15 Mar 2021 JC Hedouin

    We are one of the UK’s leading and established recruitment consultancies dedicated to the placement of ex military personnel which is run exclusively by ex military personnel. We were established in 2005 by the director who set up the company with a very simple and honest motto “BY EX MILITARY FOR EX MILITARY, WHAT MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID”

  • Perimeter Fence

    07 May 2021 Lucy Ketley

    Whether you are sourcing palisade, mesh, wire rope or temporary fencing, HS Security has a full range of impact tested and force tested products to choose from.


  • Temporary Security Barriers

    07 May 2021 Lucy Ketley

    When planning a temporary security scheme, consultancy is our first point of expertise; from project inception to on-site provision, our staff are well versed to liaise, discuss and assist clients with all aspects of the project.

    Products are available to secure areas on a temporary basis and can still maintain pedestrian permeability or, a manned vehicle access point to facilitate emergency service vehicles.

  • Crash Tested Bollards

    10 May 2021 Lucy Ketley

    Over the years we have crash-tested countless high-security bollards to ensure that we are providing you with tested, certified solutions. From BSI PAS 68 to IWA 14-1 and ASTM F2656, our security posts have been tested to the highest, internationally recognised standards.

  • Entrance Security

    10 May 2021 Lucy Ketley

    When analysing a vehicle entrance to implement an automated security system, it is important to think about three things: firstly the security rating required which should be driven by a ‘vehicle dynamic assessment’, secondly the operational methodology to enhance, and not hinder existing security protocols and, finally, the aesthetics of the security system.

  • Asset Protection

    10 May 2021 Lucy Ketley

    Physical security products can assist with the mitigation of CBRN threats and threats from organised crime through building hardening and internal asset protection. Securing zones, substances, assets or working areas prevents the possibility of contamination, theft, and targeted terrorist or criminal activity.


    09 Feb 2021 Nikki Moscrop

    NIMBUS is the next generation Investigations Case Management System specifically designed for forensic, investigation and intelligence divisions with a full integrated quality management system.

  • Benefit from RIEGL's Ultra High Speed LiDAR Solution for fast & accurate crash/crime scene investigation! allows law enforcement to quickly capture accurate & measurable scenes promotes fast and safer ...

    08 Apr 2021 Nathalie Hayes

    Airbar-Q has been specifically created to enable efficient and controlled queuing systems allowing higher efficiency, enabling cost saving and revenue generating solutions, forming a key component within your customer’s journey through spaces like airports and retail environments.

  • The “touchless screening” R&S®QPS Walk2000 security scanner enables the most unobtrusive, highly accurate and efficient security screening operation available on the market. It uses a novel approach, ...
  • deister’s intelligent key management systems create the highest degree of efficiency and comfort in your everyday operations. Our modular and scalable key management systems offer intelligent control, ...
  • deister’s guard patrol system provides you with the data and reports needed to ensure your staff are visiting specific locations as part of their duties. You simply fix checkpoints in areas that requi ...
  • With deister, engage in futureproof security and provide a new level of user convenience to employees and administrators. Our range of access control readers and credentials provide secure, high-quali ...
  • SafeHaven provide access to experienced mental health professionals who are specialists in trauma-responsive care. From early intervention just after an incident to support with more complex mental health needs - our team can support your people.

  • Developed by mental health professionals for personnel in the workplace, SafeHaven provide a range of psychosocial support training courses for workplace peer-support networks. 

  • The Astrophysics AI fully-integrated software delivers the ultimate in threat detection, providing accurate and reliable image analysis while boosting throughput. Unlike other AI software, Astrophysic ...
  • The VI3D™ is a multi-view x-ray inspection system that reduces blind spots and generates images with greater clarity, depth, and detail than conventional scanners. The VI3D™ enables operators to evalu ...
  • HXC-LaneScan™ is a drive-through portal designed to fit over standard vehicle traffic lanes. It’s powerful generator allows operators to identify threats in nearly every space of a car, truck, or van ...
  • The Astrophysics Multi-View CT™ is the world’s first 3D CT Cargo System. Combining multi-view radiography and high-speed computed tomography, it allows airlines, freight forwarders, and customs agenci ...
  • The XIS-6040SE™ is a unique mobile X-Ray Inspection System (XIS) designed to be both mobile and waterproof. Its shock-absorbing wheels, stainless-steel handles, and collapsible roller table and screen ...
  • Terra Lunar Bridge Bollard

    05 Mar 2021 Frontier Pitts

    IWA 14 7.2t @ 30mph – Shallow Static Terra Lunar Bridge Bollard

  • IWA14 & LPS1175 HVM Terra Bi-fold Gate

    05 Mar 2021 Frontier Pitts Ltd

    LPCB World First with joint LPS1175 & IWA14 certification

    Frontier Pitts achieves a WORLD FIRST with joint approval of IWA14 and LPCB LPS1175 Security Rating for the Terra Bi-folding Gate.

    Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

  • Unlock Smarter Access Control

    Cloud-based access control that seamlessly integrates with powerful video security.

    • Manage doors, users and schedules across your entire organization.
    • Monitor real-time activity with a live feed of access based events.
    • Add and remove users, edit credentials and set permissions
  • Verkada replaces obsolete equipment with technology that’s smart, secure, and easy to manage.

    • Simple Setup
    • PoE cameras are online and fully operational in minutes.
    • Built-in Storage
    • No NVRs or DVRs. Store up to 365 days of footage locally.
    • Automatic Updates
    • Stay ahead of emerging threats with ongoing feature and security updates.
    • 10-year product warranty on all cameras
  • Verkada’s SV11 is an all-in-one sensor for monitoring environmental changes in your physical space. With a collection of powerful embedded sensors, the SV11 simultaneously measures air quality, temperature, humidity, motion, and noise. 

    With a collection of eight sensor readings, easily monitor the health and safety of your environments.


    25 Feb 2021 Nathalie Hayes

    The Toran is a one-way corridor acting as a security gate that offers fluent pedestrian traffic in one direction, usually from a critical security area (arrivals hall) to a less secure area, (baggage reclaim etc).


    25 Feb 2021 Nathalie Hayes

    This access control system is designed where safety and user comfort come first. The system consists of slim, elegant modules that support swinging glass panels that open according to the direction of transit and can be managed by any access control system.


    25 Feb 2021 Nathalie Hayes

    JLC Group supply and install a large range of automated doors and door automation systems for airports, national infrastructures, pleasure parks, commercial buildings and private accommodation.


    24 Feb 2021 Nathalie Hayes

    Our blast enhanced Sliding Doors combine the key properties for blast protection with aesthetically pleasing and spacious design of any entrance door system. This allows for high levels of blast protection, whilst maintaining the appearance of the build entrance and facade.

  • Resilience planning

    23 Feb 2021 Rob Walley

    Our objective is to help your organisation to become more resilient. As an experienced provider of business continuity and crisis management consultancy, training and readiness activity we leverage our good practice and experience to deliver practical, relevant and easy to maintain arrangements. 


  • Online CPD training

    23 Feb 2021 Rob Walley

    Your people are critical to the effectiveness of your response and our services are geared heavily towards preparing and supporting the training and development of your managers and staff.

    Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified courses and Webinars are aligned to relevant National Occupational Standards and doctrine with customisation to fit your arrangements.  

  • Readiness Exercising

    23 Feb 2021 Rob Walley

    How do know that your team is ready? Will your plans, processes, technology, procedures and personnel collectively work in a crisis?  Organisational biases and individual unconscious motivations can cloud an organisation’s capability to objectively review, assess, challenge and evaluate their capabilities.

  • The M73 is the pioneer of the MOBOTIX 7 generation. The IoT video system sets standards as a compact power pack. Intelligent flexible and versatile. All in the tradition of the MOBOTIX company. And ye ...
  • More security. More perspectives. More possibilities. No MOBOTIX camera has ever been this flexible before - with up to four modules. Designed to meet a range of requirements and tackle a variety of t ...
  • The MOBOTIX 7 camera M73 can now be equipped with 50 mK thermal sensor modules – even retroactively! Thanks to the increased number of pixels with the VGA thermal modules, even more details can be det ...
  • LEAP (Law Enforcement Analysis Platform)

    16 Feb 2021 Martina Tschapka, Sales Project Management

    T3K LEAP is a solution for the quick, automated analysis of data, which has been extracted from digital devices or otherwise seized from digital storage units.

    It quickly summarises the most important case data and helps prioritise pieces of evidence, including a state-of-the-art Media Analysis for Images, Video and Audio.

  • CORE (Content Review Engine)

    16 Feb 2021 Martina Tschapka, Sales Project Management

    CORE (Content Review Engine) is an image, video and audio classifier that supports corporations and governments with their review of internal storage and hosted digital content for the presence of Child Sexual Abuse (CSAM) and other illicit contents.


  • Biocapture

    16 Feb 2021 Martina Tschapka, Sales Project Management

    Biocapture utilizes standard smartphones cameras and machine learning to capture fingerprints with nothing but the smartphone camera and provides configuration for matching against databases on the spot.

  • We are experienced in providing security services to any high value or high threat environments. Our services include but are not limited to events security, personal and corporate security, asset protection, security training and auditing of processes, procedures and contingency plans. 

  • We have extensive global experience in the field of aviation security management and consultancy. With an extensive portfolio of operations that covers all major airports in the UK and many high-profile government facilities, we are uniquely placed to bring the necessary skill and expertise that have been developed over many years.

  • Redline TIRT is our fully EU and UK compliant, class leading threat image recognition training system and forms part of the add-in’s to Redline’s Security Management System (SeMS) product, ensuring Redline remains at the forefront of technical innovation and expertise.

  • Redline SeMS is a digital Security Management System based on a core enterprise software framework with tailored functional area Add-ins. It is fully digitised, supporting electronic inputs where available, but is also able to support existing paper processes, with manual and/or spreadsheet inputs, if required. 

  • We have a dedicated security testing department with dedicated Team Leaders whose sole role is the quality assurance of security through Covert Testing, Overt Testing, Penetration Testing and Red Teaming. To ensure the highest standards, we never use third party companies to provide resources for testing. Team Leaders have access to over 150 fully trained and highly experienced male and female Testers (in the UK alone).

  • TR15/TR40 + Smart Scan Cabinet X-ray Scanner

    09 Feb 2021 Charlotte Jones

    Cabinet X-ray scanners provide a compact, cost effective threat detection solution without the space requirements and operating costs of a conveyor based X-ray system. At Todd Research we have extensive experience with cabinet scanners and offer a choice of two innovative products in this space, each catering for different business requirements.

  • EAG080-30BR IWA14-1 Bridge Rail - NEW 2021 Product

    • 50mm Super-Shallow foundation depth
    • 4100mm bridging span between foundations
    • 150mm expansion joint movement capability
    • Lightweight, removable beams
    • Architectural Fretwork options
    • IWA14-1:2013 V/7500[N3C]/48/30/0.5


  • Audax Bio-AX Camera System

    03 Feb 2021 AJL

    The Audax “flagship” of our camera range. The Award winning BIO-AX® is our next-generation wearable security solution.

  • The easily recognisable 20-1 Camera packs a unique technology specification into a small, robust and lightweight form factor, easily out performing other products in its class.



  • Audax 19-1 BWV Camera

    03 Feb 2021 AJL

    Audax Chest Camera is currently our GLOBAL bestselling product. It easily out performs other products in its class due to its simplicity and value.

  • With the rise in infections around the world from the Coronavirus pandemic, organisations are in need of solutions to help manage and mitigate risks.

    Mitie offer solutions that can help protect your employees, visitors and ultimately, your revenue.

    We partner with some of the worlds leading technology companies, meaning we can provide systems from
    multiple vendors. We offer a range of solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs and unique risk profile.

  • Armour Mobile/Desktop

    09 Dec 2020
    Armour Mobile provides all the functionality of consumer-grade apps but with considerably greater security. It provides secure voice calls, video calls, one-to-one and group messaging, voice and video conference calls, file attachments, sent/ received/read message status and the option for messages to automatically delete once read or after a set time.
  • Command Centre

    09 Dec 2020
    Command Centre is the powerful software at the heart of Gallagher’s integrated security solutions, a centralized platform that gives you unparalleled control of every aspect of your site.