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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Exhibitor News

  • ZASP Test

    29 Mar 2022
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam placerat est a risus maximus, eget consequat enim fermentum. Ut semper ante a risus ornare pellentesque nec ac nibh. Etiam sodales posuere ...
  • Audax Global Solutions Ltd will be showcasing their pioneering body worn video solutions at this September’s event.
  • Vaylia Integrated Security has announced a partnership with Quanergy

  • Thought Leaders and C-Level Executives John Maeda and Tracy Reinhold to Present the Framework for Achieving Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Status Through the Industry’s First-ever  Critical Event Management (CEM) Program

  • FORTUNE 500™ Companies and Government Organizations Leverage Everbridge’s Nearly 20 Years of Experience Detecting and Mitigating Threats to Prioritize Employee Life Safety and to Maintain Business Continuity

  • Leveraging its Market-leading Global Network of over 25,000 Security Threat Data Sources, Everbridge’s Latest Situational Awareness Reporting Helps Organizations Prepare for and Maintain Enterprise Resilience Throughout the International Summer and Para Games in Tokyo

  • Discover, Goldman Sachs, NBCUniversal, Dow and Alexion among FORTUNE 500TM leaders earning prestigious Best in Enterprise ResilienceTM designation through rigorous CEM CertificationTM benchmarking

  • To talk with Pilgrims / Olchon about TSCM solutions: "Click-for-Delivery” Click Pilgrims RMG Global Operations link above. / Click Pilgrims RMG Global Operations link above.  Business espionage contin ...
  • Introducing the No-Go Mat! This modular anti trespass system provides a visual and physical deterrent for any unwanted visitors in restricted areas. These eco-friendly panels are designed with varied ...

    One of the world’s leading manufacturers of anti-terrorism bollards and barriers will launch its first zero-carbon product at one of the first security events to be held in person for almost two years ...
  • London, England – Prescient Technologies will present iNetra, taking place at International Security Expo (ISE) on September 28 & 29. Prescient Technologies is proud to introduce iNetra, a new technological platform that is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms.

    Pravin Waghmare, CEO of Prescient Technologies is very excited about the showcase of iNetra said, “We are on a mission to add intelligence to the video surveillance feed. Today the number of video surveillance cameras is multiplying and they can be seen pretty much everywhere. They allow remote monitoring and generate lots of data.

    The biggest challenge, however, is how active Human Monitoring is needed to make sense out of that data. Our AI-powered algorithms can monitor several live feeds coming from different cameras and can identify and track objects. Our rules-based algorithms can generate alerts to notify you when a deviation is detected, allowing you to take action at the right time.”

    For more details about the event -

  • As we begin to return to the office, SAME Solutions’ new Workplace Violence e-learning module helps ensure that organizations and employees are prepared for workplace security risks.  The interactive  ...
  • To talk with Pilgrims / Olchon about TSCM solutions: "Click-for-Delivery” Click Pilgrims RMG Training & Consultancy link above. / Click Pilgrims RMG Global Operations link above.  Business espionage c ...
  • FORTUNE 500™ Companies and Other Global Leaders Join the Ranks of Discover, Goldman Sachs, NBCUniversal, Dow and Alexion by Demonstrating Best Practices for Enterprise Resilience in Order to Keep People Safe and Organizations Running

  • CARMS is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the International Security Expo in London this September.

  • The winners of the third edition of the Tackling Economic Crime Awards (TECAs) were announced on Monday 6th December at a virtual awards show where representatives from across the financial crime sector tuned in live to celebrate the outstanding achievements of all the finalists and winners.

  • OPTEX, the global sensor manufacturer, has announced its award-winning REDSCAN PRO LiDAR Sensors are now fully integrated with Genetec™ Security Center, to provide enhanced perimeter protection for the highest security sites.

  • Enhanced Risk Map

    12 Sep 2021

    Explore the improved usability of Safeture’s Enhanced Risk Map

    With the Enhanced Risk Map of the Admin Portal, you can better personalize the content being displayed and thereby get a more relevant overview of the current situation. Cluster incidents and filter information based on your personnel, incidents, risk levels and/or risk categories. 

  • Balance the needs for accurate positioning, relevant alerts and end-user privacy

    With the introduction of Enhanced Privacy Filtering, the user is no longer limited to only choosing between country-level or exact location in their privacy settings. Instead, they can specify to either city or region/ state and thereby get a more personalized user experience.

  • September Preview

    31 Aug 2021

    In our Monthly Previews, Safeture's team of analysts give you an outlook for some of the events that are set to take place in the upcoming month. They connect the dots and reflect upon the future so you can be one step ahead. 

  • Smart Revolution will participate to the 2021 International Security Expo in London to officially present the recently launched Security branch, created to provide specialized security training servic ...
  • The International Foundation for Protection Officers is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Hurst CPP FREC MSyI to its board of directors.

  • Audax Global Solutions Ltd, world leaders in pioneering body worn video (BWV) technology, today announced that it had received notification that it will receive an order to provide 20,000 Audax® Bio-AX® cameras to a national police force. The roll-out of body worn cameras, valued at approx. £13.2 million ($17M / €15.2M), ranks as globally significant and is expected to start in December 2021 with final delivery completed by May 2022.

  • Todd Research, the UK’s leading experts in X-ray security technology, invites all delegates to the International Security Expo 2021 to learn more about its state-of-the-art products and all-encompassing training and maintenance services. The two-day, free pass event, taking place at Olympia London on the 28th and 29th of September 2021, will give attendees an opportunity to learn about the unique X-ray scanners Todd Research offers, and watch them in action at a live demonstration. The company’s representatives at stand B20 will also welcome questions about the TR50 conveyor X-ray scanner, the TR15 cabinet X-ray scanner, and the TR360PRO+ metal detection system on show.

  • Scanning the Horizon

    11 Sep 2021
    A selection of subject matter experts from ADANI Ltd reveal what makes the company unique in such a competitive marketplace
  • Ensuring that attendees do not pose a security threat is one of the major challenges facing venues and security officials, reports ADANI Ltd.
  • Talk with Pilgrims about SCEG: "Click-for-Delivery” Click Pilgrims RMG Global Operations link above. In 2020 and again in 2021, Pilgrims was elected onto the Executive Committee of the UK Security in ...
  • Talk with Pilgrims about SCEG: "Click-for-Delivery” Click Pilgrims RMG Training & Consultancy link above. In 2020 and again in 2021, Pilgrims was elected onto the Executive Committee of the UK Securit ...
  • Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL) has launched a new electric lock that complies with the stringent requirements of the 2014/33/EU Lifts Directive expressly for secure passenger lift applications. 

  • Bravo Zulu Press Release
  • Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL) reports notable success with an Electric Marine Lock expressly developed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as secure and functional among prestigious yacht builders.

  • ***Another World First from Frontier Pitts – LPS1175 Security Rated Biparting Sliding Gates!****

    The LPS 1175 SR1 (A1), SR2 (B3) & SR3 (C5) Platinum Bi-parting Sliding Gates are a set of cantilevered gate which has been successfully withstood forcible attack to Security Rating 1 (A1) for 1 minute, Security Rating 2 (B3) for 3 minutes and Security Rating 3 (C5) for 5 minutes.

  • IWA14 & LPS1175 Terra Bi-fold Gate

    31 Aug 2021 S Osmond

    LPCB World First with joint LPS1175 & IWA14 certification

    Frontier Pitts achieves a WORLD FIRST with joint approval of IWA14 and LPCB LPS1175 Security Rating for the Terra Bi-folding Gate

  • Travel risk awareness programs aim to achieve two things: safety and compliance. However, many travel risk awareness programs fall short at delivering these things - processes are complicated, uptake ...
  • As the retail sector begins to reopen in the UK as part of the COVID-19 roadmap, it is vital that security teams in retail, shopping centres and public spaces are aware of the threats posed by terrori ...
  • IWA14 Terra Blocker!

    01 Sep 2021 Sally Osmond

    IWA 14 Terra Blocker 7.2 @ 50mph

    A busy year of Research & Development continues with the introduction of our latest Terra Blocker model.

  • SafeHaven CISM is excited to showcase its new trauma-responsive Mental Wellness App at the International Security Expo 2021, Olympia 28-29 September 2021, ahead of the official launch on October 7th.


  • Some of Ireland’s leading security professionals and industry experts were presented with Certificates from the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) after completing and successfully passing the first ever IFPO CPO® (Certified Protection Officer) exam in the country.  IFPO UK and Ireland Director Mike Hurst CPP flew in from London for the day t make the presentations..  Mike also sits on the IFPO main Board of Directors.

  • Our monthly newsletter. Keep up to date with all things CyberLock by subscribing to our press releases.
  • Human Security Radar® (HSR) is a fully automatic and real time security screening system that screens people entering a venue for terrorist threats without disrupting the flow. HSR does all of this whilst enabling the effective management of health risks associated with traditional security screening. HSR offers a genuine solution to the challenge of screening crowds in real-time for explosive
    devices, firearms and other weapons.

  • The recent breach at Old Trafford – where protesting Manchester United fans spilled onto the pitch ahead of the match with Liverpool – which ultimately led to the postponement of the Premier League ga ...
  • Audax, world leaders in pioneering body worn video (BWV) technology, is collaborating once again with SPOED 112 to raise awareness and promote action to prevent aggression against Police & Emergency Medical Service (EMS) workers in Belgium.

  • Although perimeter fencing, gates and access control systems provide a solid line of defence to a given site or premise, adding a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) complements and greatly increases the overall effectiveness of the perimeter security, creating a dependable, total perimeter protection solution

  • Re-engineered series of shotbolts deploy a new-generation mechanism featuring modular coils proven across a wide range of solenoid products, enabling the use of efficient assembly techniques.

  • Heras has launched the next generation of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDSs) to provide even greater levels of perimeter protection, for use at sites with specific security and perimeter protection requirements – such as warehouses and distribution centres with high value stockholding.  

  • Tin Lid Protection (TLP) Ltd, drone security specialists, have achieved the Commissioner’s third party certification mark for their UAVs surveillance cameras.

  • Europe’s leading end-to-end supplier of permanent and mobile perimeter protection solutions, Heras, is gearing up for growth in the UK as it looks to roll out a coordinated plan that will include show ...
  • TLP is proud to support our UK Armed Forces, including those serving, reservists, veterans, their families and their spouses.

  • Dutch company Heras from Oirschot, near Eindhoven, has taken over Danish fencing company SER Hegn. In doing so, the company is considerably expanding their market share in the Scandinavian market.

  • Gloucester-based cyber security company, Ascentor, will play a pivotal role supporting ARTEC to develop secure information technology components, for the next generation of BOXER Mechanised Infantry Vehicles. This work is critical to safeguarding the MOD’s information and our military personnel serving in the field.

  • There are many ways to manage access to your site. You can choose between barriers and turnstiles, a solid sliding gate or swing gate, or an efficient speed gate. Many businesses are struggling to identify the most appropriate solution for protecting their site. In this blog post, we explain the pros and cons of the various options available and give pointers on how to make the right choice.

  • Rhenus Logistics opened a new distribution center in the beginning of 2019. The building, on the A58 near Tilburg, is an impressive eye-catcher and the most sustainable distribution center in Europe. Heras supported Rhenus and property developer Dokvast in securing the perimeter of the logistics center and the vital role of separating people and freight traffic.

  • Data centre BIT takes care of the IT and internet infrastructure of companies. BIT was looking for effective site security, so that the site cannot be accessed by intruders. Together with BIT, Heras provided a suitable security solution.

  • Vocalink, a Mastercard company, has been leading the way in the payments industry for nearly 50 years. It designs, builds and operates industry‐leading bank account‐based payment systems and its techn ...
  • Access control and security system manufacturer Inner Range has announced new integrations with FLIR Latitude and IDIS CCTV.

    The new integrations work with Inner Range’s enterprise-level intelligent, integrated access control system, Integriti, and bolster options for clients around video surveillance.

  • A new upgrade for Inner Range's Enterprise-level system Integriti includes integrations with Suprema biometrics and Quuppa real time location tracking.

  • RTT Cyber Security White paper

    28 Jul 2021 Dr Richard Piggin EngD CEng MIET MBCS

    Airport cyber resilience and managing supply chain risk

    Dr Richard Piggin EngD CEng MIET MBCS

  • Read how Rapiscan Systems overcame the challenges of installing our products throughout the pandemic to meet our customers needs. 

  • Long Time Customer Avalon Adopts Advanced Security Screening at International Airport

  • We explore a vital concept within public realm security schemes – the ability to be able to future–proof. Considering a broad spectrum of stakeholder needs, alongside the long term suitability of security products, are key factors in the process. Future-proofing saves money, disruption, and multiple consultation processes.

  • OPTEX is rolling out the launch of its new REDSCAN PRO laser detection sensor, featuring its longest range yet, making it the best solution for the highest security sites.

  • With the outbreak of coronavirus, data centre security has become more important than ever, with attempted data hacks becoming a common occurrence for many consumers and businesses. Sophisticated cyber-attacks targeting those who are working from home have drastically risen in recent months, from just 6% on email traffic in March this year to nearly 60% just six weeks later.

    Naturally, this has led to a response from businesses that have ramped up their cyber security measures. 

  • Heras – which is Europe’s leading end-to-end supplier of permanent and mobile perimeter protection solutions – has launched Saros, a new electro-mechanical traffic barrier. 

  • When it comes to civil installation you can think of it as the glue that holds together all of the other physical security elements in a scheme. This is something we know all too well at HS Security having successfully delivered countless security projects.


  • With the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee informed at a January meeting that the lockdown-induced shift towards online retail will likely be permanent, the high street must move its emphasis away from retail and instead become more focused on alternative avenues of use and revenue generation such as leisure and experience-focused activities with the help of new pedestrianised zones. 

  • When contemplating a new or replacement, physical security system, many requirements spring to mind. The way you want your security system to look, the operational protocol you want the system to follow, and the appropriate security rating; perhaps even how these measures can be integrated with existing systems already in use.

    All of these questions are important but, there is one rather substantial piece of the jigsaw missing. Is the security system being considered easy to service and maintain?

  • Before we get into the reasons why you should be using shallow mount bollards, it is probably important that we first explain what they are. Shallow mount bollards were originally designed to combat the problematic fitting of traditional bollards which require deep foundations and can cause inconvenience when exposing a range of services, prohibiting installation. 

  • Law enforcement agencies would do well to heed drug trafficking’s technology-driven distribution systems.


  • NEW YORK, Feb. 2, 2021 – Cobwebs Technologies announced today that several government agencies have deployed their AI-powered WEBINT platform to gain situation insight during major events this month that resulted in civil unrest and, in some cases, escalated into violent acts such as destroying property and inflicting bodily harm. The government agencies used the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) solution of Cobwebs to analyze web data for gaining situational awareness surrounding the public events using various criteria for subjects of interest. These active, automated, and ongoing searches allowed for identifying threat actors known for instigating social unrest and to pinpoint hotspots in real-time to prevent escalations.

  • Military personnel are limited…. Really?

    15 Jun 2021 Rosie Di Lecce

    The perception in many companies is that veterans won’t fit into their workplace culture due to a misguided belief veterans are no more than gung-ho action men.

    Look closer and you’ll find it’s just not true.


  • The Last Word

    18 May 2021
    The Last Word - Read about our success, growth and development over the last year
  • News Letter May 2021

    26 May 2021
    Latest news from our UK home at ADANI Limited
  • Secure 4G and Wi-Fi capabilities, two-way audio, geo-tagging, and alarm features combine with Eagle Eye Networks true cloud infrastructure for unrivaled body camera offering for retail, guarding companies, in-home service companies, and other commercial entities

  • Introducing the First LPS1175 with 120 degree 3 section walkway!

  • CIPE Manager is tailored to give a comprehensive situational overview and increase operational efficiency in critical infrastructure access management.

  • The renewable energy sector is the lynchpin to so many of the critical services we use day-to-day, helping to maintain power to hospitals, emergency services, and other crucial utilities we sometimes take for granted.  A robust standard of physical security has a role to play not just during a crisis but in the day-to-day protection of infrastructure for the generation, storage, and distribution of alternative energy.


  • Audax is proud to announce it has secured the provision of a significant number of their latest body worn video cameras, Bio-AX®, for Mitie Security’s frontline security team in Regent Street. Owned by The Crown Estate and managed by JLL, Regent Street is renowned as a high-profile location featuring some of the most luxurious and well-known retail and lifestyle brands in the world. As part of Mitie’s security provision for the area, street patrols will now have the added reassurance provided by Audax’s world-leading body worn video solutions.

    Mitie’s technical project lead for the trials described it as “an all-round hit… really impressed with the software and hardware, it has exceeded our expectations”.

  • Should physical security manufacturers continue to operate in isolation from the cyber security world?

    This topic is known within the security industry as ‘physical security and cyber security convergence’. In other words, the corporation between the two previously disjointed and disassociated security functions.

    So, should the two disciplines become more intertwined, and to what extent?

  • Rohde & Schwarz has been chosen to supply the R&S QPS201 Quick Personnel Security (QPS) scanners to Heathrow Airport, reducing wait times for passengers and enhancing security checkpoints.

  • The Philippines Bureau of Customs (BOC) inaugurated the Astrophysics HXP-FreightScan™ at Davao International Container Terminal (DICT) on January 12, 2021. The Astrophysics HXP-FreightScan™  will incr ...
  • Building and delivering the highest quality x-ray scanners is a critical part of our mission. Astrophysics is proud to announce we were recently granted ISO 14001 certification, focusing on our commit ...
  • Security of the Future: Disruptive Technology Designed For Global Defense   Astrophysics is leading the global security industry in research and development, creating integrated solutions and customiz ...
  • Rekor Systems, Inc, (NASDAQ:REKR) ("Rekor"), a provider of real-time roadway, customer and public safety intelligence to enable AI-driven decisions, today announced the expansion of its channel partne ...
  • The Airbar-Q

    07 Apr 2021 Nathalie Hayes

    The Airbar-Q is a fantastic new barrier system, enabling an efficient and controlled queuing solution, allowing for higher efficiency, cost saving and forming a key component within your customers journey through environments such as airports, retail, hospitality, and public spaces.

  • Smiths Detection’s cutting-edge technology will give passengers the ability to leave laptops and liquids in their bags as they go through security.

  • With the new office in York, England, RIEGL will now provide direct representation throughout the UK and Ireland, offering full support to its existing RIEGL customers and access to the full range of ...
  • A new cost-effective, rapidly deployable entrance control solution that can help business owners adhere to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and keep staff and customers safe has been developed by Integrated Design Limited (IDL).

    Based on existing, proven technology, the Door Detective Compact has been adapted to enable robust and straightforward population monitoring and control at single entrance doorways. The new Door Detective Occupancy Control is ideal for a range of workplaces, for example offices – especially for shared kitchen facilities or toilets – small retail stores, factories, leisure facilities, colleges etc. or any other work environment where the maximum capacity needs to be controlled to prevent overcrowding.

  • Winsted Control Room Consoles has announced that Andy Graham has been appointed as EMEA Sales Director.

  • Telaeris’ XPressEntry now supports workplace screening by validating personnel and visitor health status information before entering to support COVID-19 workplace safety protocols. SAN DIEGO – AUGUST ...
  • The New Potential of Facial Recognition

    28 Apr 2021 Sabrina Wagner

    How to handle 60 years of video in only a few weeks? The hype surrounding AI technology continues unabated in the field of face recognition. Advances in technology and speed make it now possible to use it in mass data and with poor image quality. The new version of Videmo360 will change the way security and law enforcement officers work.

  • Rekor is transforming industries like Public Safety, Customer Experience, and Smart Cities in more than 70 countries across the globe with AI-powered vehicle recognition hardware and software solution ...
  • Burton Safes - The Sure Defence

    06 May 2021 Adam Greenaway


  • Indonesia's National Traffic Police Department roll out HALO Body Cams across the nation after a short pilot program. Jakarta City is the first of five locations to begin the deployment.

  • Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that UK Border Force is now using Resolve, the company's handheld Raman system, to detect bulk chemicals—whether benign, hazardous, or illegal—throu ...
  • Blast Enhanced Sliding Doors

    24 Feb 2021 Nathalie Hayes

    Our blast enhanced Sliding Doors combine the key properties for blast protection with aesthetically pleasing and spacious design of any entrance door system. This allows for high levels of blast protection, whilst maintaining the appearance of the build entrance and facade.

  • A transformative, technological revolution for smarter detection of contraband threats.

  • JLC Group recently provided and installed High Speed Doors at London City Airport fire station, allowing quick access for the fire personnel using automatic or manual systems.

  • The latest iteration of the force test standard - LPS 1175 is easily one of the biggest changes the standard has ever seen, with a complete reworking of the rating system. In this article, we take a look at what has changed and why. We aim to answer some of the questions you may have about what this means for suppliers, specifiers, and end-users.

  • Lelystad Airport required a number of solutions to control passenger flow in and out of the airport, ahead of their opening.



  • Martyn’s Law also known as the Protect Duty, is a piece of proposed legislation that could forever change the event security landscape. We take a look at what the Protect Duty could mean for the general public, venues, and the security industry.

  • Excellence in Exporting Astrophysics is honored to receive the prestigious Presidential “E” Award, granted by the United States Department of Commerce, the highest recognition any U.S. company can rec ...
  • Astrophysics was recently awarded additional funding by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T)  under contract number 70RSAT18CB0000021 to develop an ...
  • Kirkos, by Marshalls Landscape Protection, is the newest addition to their RhinoGuard® range. The design-led Hostile Vehicle Mitigation collection provides a simple yet effective way of enhancing the environment whilst providing the appropriate level of defence required, keeping people safe… not scared®.
  • Koelnmesse To Deploy Apstec’s Innovative Security Screening Technology Human Security Radar®(HSR);  The Free-Flow, High-Throughput, Low Contact System to Improve Security and #B-SAFE4business

    Apstec Systems® today announced that its Human Security Radar®(HSR) system has been purchased by Koelnmesse GmbH in Cologne for immediate deployment.   Asptec’s innovative HSR system provides high-throughput, low contact security screening and will help Koelnmesse to improve security and #B-SAFE4business.

  • In the Corona pandemic context, MOBOTIX video systems, provided effective hardware and software applications with its "back-on-track solutions", which help keep life in business, trade, healthcare, and education as normal as possible.
  • With increasing numbers of professionals now working entirely from home or as part of a blended workplace solution, the requirement for e-Learning and virtual training options has sharply increased. Having expanded its virtual and e-learning course offerings, the Safety & Security Division at Air Partner plc, comprising aviation safety and security training, research and consulting services from Baines Simmons and Redline Assured Security, has revealed its most popular training courses in 2020.


  • We’re over the moon to announce our Rev 190 Security Revolving Door is a finalist in the Outstanding Security Product category in the 2021 UK Outstanding Security Performance Awards. The Rev 190 is a ...
  • Redline, an Air Partner company and a leading provider of global security solutions, has further grown its customer base in the airport sector, recently winning a new 3-year contract with Guernsey Airport to carry out cabin baggage screening x-ray threat image recognition training (TIRT) among a number of its staff.

  • Holders of airline operating licences and air operator’s certificates (AOC) need to take action to ensure they can continue to operate in and out of the UK and the EU. UK commercial air transport oper ...
  • Redline Assured Security, a leading provider of government-standard training and security solutions, has been selected by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to undertake the certification and Quality Assurance (QA) of Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs (FREDDs) within the UK.


    18 Jan 2021 Nexor
    What is High Assurance? As computer security systems have evolved over the years, hackers have become more sophisticated. Their methods have changed, targeting any vulnerabilities to try and find a wa ...
  • Redline Assured Security, a leading provider of government-standard training and security solutions, has received continued endorsement as an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC). This marks the ninth year that Redline’s training centre, the UK’s ASTC, located at Doncaster Sheffield Airport has been endorsed by ICAO since being officially recognised in 2011.

  • (RESTON, Va.) Jan. 14, 2021 – Leidos Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: LDOS) (“Leidos”), a FORTUNE® 500 science and technology leader, today announced the completed acquisition of 1901 Group for approximately $21 ...
  • 77 Coleman Street is BNP Paribas’ new luxury multi-tenant office located in the City of London. It is a highly connected building, and is one of only a few in the UK to boast a platinum connectivity rating by WiredScore, the official Mayor of London’s Digital Connectivity Rating Scheme. With this in mind - and with the building being accessed by over 2,000 regular users across seven floors post-pandemic – it is crucial that the entrance security provides a seamless user experience and maintains a sleek and minimal aesthetic, whilst also delivering the required level of security.

    Antron Security, one of our key installation partners, was commissioned to manage the installation of the security system, and selected the Fastlane Glassgate 250 to integrate with the Forge Bluepoint visitor management system, Inner Range access control and Kone lifts, to provide the most efficient user experience and facilitate high-level visitor management and destination control.

  • At its meeting on December 15, 2020, the Supervisory Board reappointed Klaus Kiener as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of MOBOTIX AG until March 31, 2023. He will continue to be responsible for Finance, ...
  • A sleek and stylish choice, Fastlane Speedgates can be found securing visitor receptions, lift lobbies and VIP areas in notable buildings around the world, including the iconic Al Dar HQ in Abu Dhabi, the new World Trade Towers in NYC and Harrods in London, to name a few.

  • Critical Event Management (CEM) leader announces new Public Warning Center, featuring first-of-its-kind Hybrid Cell Broadcast and Location-Based SMS Alerting Gateway

  • New patent approved for end-to-end multimedia population alerting capabilities – Everbridge’s 14th as it relates to Public Warning and more than 160 overall across its suite of products – highlighting the need for delivering alerts through a combination of 5G, Cell Broadcast, and multimedia

  • Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: REKR) (“Rekor” or the “Company”), a Maryland-based company providing real-time roadway intelligence through AI-driven decisions, today announced the pricing of its previou ...
  • Company adds new features, greatly expands existing capabilities on its AI-based platform now called Rekor Scout™ ‍ Rekor Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: REKR) (“Rekor”) (the “Company”) a Maryland-based compa ...
  • Company launches state-wide program in just 61 days Program identifies non-compliant vehicles, connects motorists to affordable insurance ‍ Rekor Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: REKR) (“Rekor”) (the “Company” ...
  • App requires no cellular service or wi-fi connection ‍ Rekor Systems, Inc., (REKR) (“Rekor”) (the “Company”) a Maryland-based company providing real-time roadway intelligence through AI-driven decisio ...
  • ISWeek will deliver a wealth of information during a series of exclusive, free-to-watch innovative sessions that elevate the event beyond the typical slide presentation and webcam format seen at most virtual conferences. Filmed in a television studio setting, with high production value, leading experts from around the globe will be interviewed by veteran security and intelligence journalist, Philip Ingram MBE, during high-level interactive panel discussions and ‘fireside chats’.

  • Top 5 Trends in the Video Surveillance Industry
  • Vaylia Limited have struck up an exciting strategic relationship with protective landscaping industry giant Marshalls PLC.
  • Abloy UK has released a white paper to explore how the critical infrastructure sector can unlock the potential of smartphones in the workplace to improve employee mobility, job satisfaction and productivity.

  • Abloy UK has added another course to its comprehensive Academy – Electric Locking for Fire and Escape Doors. The CPD is designed to provide a greater understanding of the different types of access control systems, explaining their basic requirements and the considerations of fire safety.
  • AI-embedded Analytics - Smart Usage of Smart Technology

    10 Feb 2021 Martina Tschapka, Sales Project Management

    As digitalisation has reached almost every part of our daily lives, analysing digital data has become fundamental to virtually every investigation. However, the exact same fact makes it harder and harder to cope with the amount of digital data available, even on standard smartphones and other digital devices.

    That is why T3K has developed a quick and smart way to analyse vast amounts of data, virtually at the push of a button, empowering investigations in time-critical cases.

    Among other topics, two big focus areas for T3K are the fight against Extremism and Terrorism, as well as fighting Crimes Against Children. Utilizing AI-embedded Media Analysis, sophisticated Watchlists, OCR detection, Face Recognition, Audio Analysis and even Linguistic science, boosts your investigations and gives you instant insights into the relevant data for your cases.


    Nineteen has announced the launch of International Cyber Expo 2020 (ICE2020) a dedicated global event uniting the worlds of cyber and physical security in the National Hall – Olympia, co-located with its market leading event – International Security Expo (ISE) 2-3 December 2020.

  • The Government have made a manifesto commitment to improve the safety and security of public venues and spaces. The new ‘Protect Duty’ will reflect lessons learned following the terrorist attacks in 2017, as well as more recent attacks.
  • Bigger Perimeter Protection Zone

    16 Mar 2020 ISE Team

    Brand New Perimeter Zone featuring Physical Attack Test Lab in association with LPCB

  • Drone & Counter Drone Zone is back

    09 Mar 2020 ISE Team

    The Drone and Counter Drone Zone is back by popular demand in association with DPAC.


  • COVID-19 a cyber attacker’s dream

    03 May 2020 Philip Ingram MBE

    If ever there was a scenario that would enable those who exploit the cyber environment for nefarious activities, then the COVID-19 pandemic hits just about ever wish on an attackers or exploiters wish list.

  • Sign up for the free webinar covering how post lockdown will impact the way we securely access commercial & residential premises. We have a panel of experts from TDSi, Comelit and Abloy UK explaining the future of access control and change that will need to be made after lockdown measures are relaxed.
  • Many are more reliant on technology and remote working than ever before, but in some disciplines eg security guarding, that simply isn’t possible. Mitie will discuss the desired roadmap for guarding, including the part played by regulation, training and customers expectations of security companies.