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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

Global Counter Terror & Serious and Organised Crime Summit

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Global Counter Terror & Serious and Organised Crime Summit

Global Counter Terror & Serious and Organised Crime Summit

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The Global Counter Terror & Serious and Organised Crime Summit will look at the changing nature of serious and organised crime, alongside terrorism and the terror trends currently affecting UK Counter Terror capability, in a global context. Expect strategic insights and policy updates from high-level global keynote speakers.

We are working with our advisory council to create a top-level content programme. Find out more about the themes that will be covered below. Follow us on Social media for the latest updates.




Counter Terror Business

Day 1

Global events including the pandemic have had a major impact on terror threats in the UK and internationally. This summit will provide a detailed understanding on current and emerging situations from those within government who set counter terror policy, as well as those responsible for keeping us safe including Counter Terror Police UK and NaCTSO (National Counter Terror Security Office). 

The single biggest change will come from the new Protect Duty that will meet recommendations from the Manchester Arena Enquiry. The detail behind the policy and the subsequent legislation will be discussed in detail.

However, it is critical that detail is matched against an understanding of the threat, so panels of experts including former terrorists, intelligence professionals and law enforcement personnel will discuss the reality of the threat today, how it has changed, but more importantly, how it will likely change in the future. 

Following its popularity in previous years, “the realities of terror” theme will again feature. Exploring the impact from the victim’s perspective, alongside looking at it from a terrorist and counter terror perspective, adds a clarity that many across the industry never should and never will experience, but it will bring clarity to what is and remains a global fight. 

The international speaker line-up will use a combination of physical and remote presentations, panels and fireside chats from some of the world’s leading security experts, delivering the highest level of insights that International Security Expo is renowned for. 

Day 2

Serious and organised crime affects more UK citizens, more often, than any other national security threat, and leads to more deaths in the UK each year than all other national security threats combined. It costs the UK at least £37 billion annually. 

It transcends boundaries and borders, so it is essential that both the threat and countering it is examined from an international perspective, drawing lessons from across the globe.

The UK Government’s National Security Strategy looks to counter this, and alongside links to other government strategies, it connects to the government’s work on serious violence, particularly for threats such as county lines and firearms offences. Key areas covered in include Human Trafficking, Organised immigration Crime, Drugs, Firearms, online child sexual abuse, Fraud, Cyber, Money laundering, bribery, and corruption.

Economic crime is a growing area impacted by new technologies such as Crypto Currencies and Non-Fungible Tokens. Asset seizure and recovery in the digital environment is seeing increasing success. This Summit will take a close look at this fascinating area.

Another area the Summit will explore is people trafficking – the scourge of modern society but something that must be eradicated. 

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