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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022


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Tracy Buckingham

Tracy Buckingham

Deputy Director Security and Cyber Security Exports, DIT. UKDSE

Tracy Buckingham joined the Ministry of Defence in 1985 and spent her early career covering a  range of roles including Assistant Private Secretary to MOD’s Permanent Under Secretary; developing the ‘Policy for People’ and developing and implementing new performance management and corporate governance regimes based on use of the Balanced Scorecard.  In 2003 she became responsible for military operations in support of the UK’s civil emergency services, and in 2006 she moved to the Defence Equipment and Support organisation where she helped to set up the Future Submarines (now Dreadnaught) Programme.

Tracy joined the UKTI Defence and Security Organisation (DSO) in 2011 where she has undertaken a range of roles including leading on exports to North America, Australia and New Zealand.  She is currently a Deputy Director in DIT Defence and Security Exports leading on Security and Cyber Security Exports.


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