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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

Exhibitor Products

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Exhibitor Products

  • The Paladyne E2000HH by Drone Defence is a man-portable drone jammer, with a 'time-to-task' of 1 second. The E2000HH is small, lightweight and compact, whilst having a range of 2km.. There are 2 opera ...
  • AeroSentry One is an elite drone detection and tracking system, developed by Drone Defence. AeroSentry One uses advanced RF signal processing techniques to determine the bearing and range of the drone ...
  • SmartTask’s comprehensive and easy to use scheduling and rostering tools make it easy to create the required services for an event and then add one or many staff to them. This combined with our shift broadcasting and integrated payroll and invoicing tools has enabled our customers to use SmartTask to effectively manage staff for events.

  • Optimise your Mobile Operations and Banish the Paper Trail

    Build efficiencies in your operations that your staff will love and so will your customers

  • Bespoke forms on smartphones provides an extremely powerful and flexible capacity for replacing paper-based business processes  for capturing data, photos, signatures and enhances compliance.

  • Know where your security officers are 24/7 and what activities they are undertaking. Accurately record proof of shift times via the app and GPS, NFC tag scans or facial recognition.

    Duty of care is of the utmost importance and the SmartTask app can be used to make welfare and check calls.

  • Simple to use ‘at a glance’ schedule creation tool that significantly reduces administration time and cost, and ensures you know how to best coordinate security staff at all times. Artificial intelligence (machine learning) removes the guess work as best matched employees are automatically suggested and the personal preferences of staff are taken into consideration.

  • For many organizations, managing safety and security can be a daunting task. Threats are increasing and risks are becoming more diverse.

    Operations also continue to grow, involving: More systems, More data,and Many more users.


  • Scansilc 1824 is a lightweight portable X-ray system designed to meet the specific needs of fast moving bomb techs and those involved in search and discreet and covert security tasks.

    This is the future of portable X-ray for tactical operations.

  • The Scanmax 225 is our premium model mailroom x-ray scanner incorporating an advanced X-ray imaging capability as well as our World-class Scanview X-ray image enhancement software. This allows detailed image investigation as well as having image export, print, email and network capabilities.

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