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13 Sep 2022


  • SYNAPSE Analyst
  • SYNAPSE Analyst
  • SYNAPSE Analyst

Synapse is a secure, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for end-to-end incident, crisis and threat management, enabling you to command, control and communicate through one common operating platform. It provides all the information you need in one place to effectively manage all incidents, cases, threats and security operations.

Incident and crisis management is at the heart of Synapse. It supports teams through the entire lifecycle of preparation, response and recovery as well as business-as-usual operations for crisis and emergency preparedness. As such, the platform is structured with an open architecture, powerful workflows and a central repository, with built in intelligence enabling data to be gathered, analysed and visualised. The data is then disseminated through an integrated communication application.

Synapse scales from a single location to a global enterprise and is used across government, corporate and retail sectors. Its flexibility and ease-of-use means that Synapse can be configured to support many needs and can be easily incorporated into an organisation’s operations and integrate with other systems without the need for significant technical resource and cost.

As an agile business, Zinc is constantly adapting and enhancing Synapse, meaning you will always enjoy the benefits of being on the latest version and the assurance that brings around security, compliance and compatibility. In addition, you can self-configure and evolve your platform at your own pace and requirements.

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