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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

International Risk & Resilience Conference

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International Risk & Resilience Conference

International Risk & Resilience Conference

The 2022 programme will be available soon

The International Risk & Resilience Conference will unite influential industry leaders, offering actionable insights into one of the key areas to have had a fundamental impact on organisations, Government and people in recent years. 

We are working with our advisory council to create a top-level content programme. Watch this space for exciting things to come. Follow us on Social media for the latest updates.

Day 1 – COVID, Refugees & implications from Ukraine

If ever there was a time where resilience planning and operations have been tested to their fullest, it’s the last two years, with COVID, refugees and the crisis in Ukraine. From looking at preparation, planning and ensuring resilient capabilities, through to reacting when the situation develops and changes, to identifying lessons and turning them into better planning, day one will have it all.

The International Risk and Resilience Conference will look at how Government resilience planning is performed, whilst considering how that planning should not just translate to enterprise, but SMEs as well. It will look at the National Risk Register and how that is best utilised, alongside where the sources of advice and training are and what is the art of the possible when budgets are tight.

The concept of resilience as a shared responsibility will be introduced, as we take lessons from the number of crises that have hit and look at it from a policy perspective, alongside practical implementation of resilience solutions. A special theme will be continuity and re-starting post crisis.

Day 2 – Environmental Resilience, Media / Comms & Convergence

As we emerge from COVID, global warming continues, environmental impacts are affecting businesses and organisations in more ways every day; the key phrase is continuity. Building environmental considerations into resilience planning is essential to meet increasing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) requirements, a critical part of all risk registers.

Communications will either make or break a resilience plan should elements of it ever have to be executed, yet many organisations have a reluctance to be proactive. Discover how you should use comms and media to underpin resilience plans proactively.

Convergence in security will impact on resilience, as security systems become more vulnerable to a greater attack surface. We will ask how you build security resilience into a greater interconnected network.

The enterprise and government approach remains important. Lessons from some current initiatives, including the use of and redevelopment of Local Resilience Forums and what they develop to in a post-pandemic era, will be detailed through a day of keynote presentations and high-level panel discussions.

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