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Get Ready for the Next Big Shock

27 Sep 2023
International Risk & Resilience Conference

Keynote Address: The National Risk Register 2023, by Helen Warren, Cabinet Office, followed by a Panel Discussion

  • Insight into the latest from central Government on resilience
  • Discussion on how to best support a whole society approach
  • Opportunity to share what else required to support effective planning and activity   
  • Learn about the key findings from our global resilience survey
  • Better understand the current state of global business resilience
  • Identify emerging risks and opportunities for your business
  • The value of integrating reputation management into traditional resilience structures, and practical steps for achieving this
  • Monitoring and pre-emptively planning for emerging risks, and the reputational impacts of these
  • The increasing importance of good communications during 'operational crises' e.g. flooding, extreme heat, and the critical role communications can play in protecting people and intangible assets   
Rick Cudworth, Chair - Resilience First
Helen Warren, Deputy Director Resilience Strategy - Cabinet Office
Philip Songhurst, Director - Control Risks
Amy Mason, VP, Crisis & Resilience - Marsh UK & Ireland