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PANEL DEBATE | This House Believes That Our Resilience Standards Are Not Up To Standard

27 Sep 2023
International Risk & Resilience Conference

A Debate Examining Standards in Resilience

This house believes resilience standards are not up to standard 

  • Standards codify good practice and provide a common language and expectation 
  • To this extant they can only reflect current maturity and convergence on the subject 
  • Nevertheless, there is now increased convergence and the revised BS 65000 Code of Practice is a significant step forwards in the right direction   
  • Standards are a compensation for not wanting to do something they promote mediocrity they are poorly authored
Beth Elliot, Director of Strategic Communications & Global Engagement - Lloyd's Register Foundation
Chris Needham-Bennett, Managing Director - Needhams 1834 Ltd
Rick Cudworth, Chair - Resilience First