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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Exhibitor Products

  • Our powerful web intelligence solution enables search of online data, extracting and analyzing data from various digital sources– from the open, deep and dark web. Our exclusive deep and dark web monitoring technology extracts intelligence from the web’s big data using the latest machine learning algorithms, automatically generating critical insights.

  • e-Smart Dotpeen marking system Integratable for your on-line requirements.
  • Dotpeen / Scribe / Laser Marking Machines for all budgets...
  • XXL Box Range of Laser Marking Stations 800mm / 1200mm / 1600mm
  • L-Box EASY 20w Class 1 laser marking system - starting at £15,995 + VAT
  • eMark and eMark XL are the cordless battery powered Dotpeen marking systems from SIC Marking Ltd
  • FireCycle is used by Governments around the world to help prevent firearms proliferation by keeping effective digital records of civilian and state-owned firearms, and their transaction history, from the firearms manufacture/import to its destruction/export.


  • Wagtail Explosive Detection Dog Handlers and dogs are specialists in explosive, pyrotechnic, firearms and drug detection.  Providing safety, assurance and security in an uncertain world.
  • Revector Detector IMSI Catcher Vehicle

    Powerful detection on the move

  • Revector Detector IMSI Catcher Covert Payload

    Agile, lightweight and portable option

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