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24-25 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Exhibitor Products

  • The Scanmax 225 is our premium model mailroom x-ray scanner incorporating an advanced X-ray imaging capability as well as our World-class Scanview X-ray image enhancement software. This allows detailed image investigation as well as having image export, print, email and network capabilities.

  • Our powerful, easy to use platform enables you to weave the web of your business opportunities and risks with AI-delivered intelligent insights on AML, Fraud, and Cyber threats, and enable a safer, more efficient due diligence and risk analysis.

  • Our platform assists analysts in maintaining a secured and efficient investigations. It provides a safe, isolated browsing environment while enhancing data gathering and analysis on manual web investigations.

    The platform provides analysts with relevant and critical data in real-time – a new, contemporary, and automated approach for identity protection, evidence gathering and threats management.

  • Cobwebs’ threat intelligence platform automatically extracts targeted critical insights from big data with advanced and powerful AI machine learning algorithms.

    Designed to meticulously race through and scan endless digital channels of the web, our solution analyzes huge sums of data to help you protect precious assets.

  • Our powerful web intelligence solution enables search of online data, extracting and analyzing data from various digital sources– from the open, deep and dark web. Our exclusive deep and dark web monitoring technology extracts intelligence from the web’s big data using the latest machine learning algorithms, automatically generating critical insights.


    12 Jul 2022 Curtis Harvey

    Introducing ABLOY BEAT – our growing, keyless product range for critical infrastructure protection. These mobile and smart innovations are a step towards a new era of fully connected, digital access control. Powered by Seos® credential technology, the BEAT solutions provide exceptional security and privacy protection specifically designed for critical infrastructure. They are always in sync with your security situation and add efficiency to your operations. 

  • We have developed a range of Canine harnesses, in collaboration with UK Canine. The designs for the Tornado and Hurricane harnesses are based on the operational experience of UK Canine and together wi ...
  • Security body armour

    11 Jul 2022 Jason Rigby
    Defence Composites offer a wide range of custom style covers for all types of front line security and law-enforcement from overt to covert vest.  All of our covers and armour materials are manufacture ...
  • DTP 7500/320

    22 May 2023 Tim Betts
    DTP 7500/320DV vehicle scanner is a state-of-the-art innovative technology for inspection of any type of vehicle: cars, buses, loaded vehicles and loaded trucks. Digital processing of X-ray images mak ...
  • Conpass Smart Body Scanner

    22 May 2023 Tim Betts
    The CONPASS SMART System is designed to obtain projection X-ray images of a person. CONPASS SMART TR is most effective when searching for swallowed and stuffed objects, as well as objects hidden in th ...

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