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06 Sep 2022

Oddity violence detection

Why Oddity

  • Quick and easy to install
  • No missed incidents in the surveillance center
  • Fast detection and response times
  • Focused and efficient operators
  • Improve surveillance without adding personnel
  • Save costs and resources

Oddity seamlessly integrates violence detection

Oddity integrates seamlessly with any video management system (VMS) to minimise changes to the way supervisory staff or operators work, as described in the schematic image above. The software is a support tool for the current observation process. Oddity already successfully completed multiple integrations, and became technology partners with several VMS systems, such as Milestone, Genetec, and IndigoVision. 

This results in Oddity operating on the background, and the VMS interface remains intact and on the foreground. Oddity only visibly alarms during crucial moments and grabs the user’s attention when required. As a result, the process changes for the operator are reduced to a minimum. Oddity alerts the operator in real-time on the VMS if violence is detected. There is no learning curve; no need to get used to new software.

What makes Oddity unique?

  • Proven to detect violence in real-time

  • Ensures no recognition of faces & privacy-by-design

  • Supports the human-in-the-loop-principle

  • In line with municipal laws and GDPR  

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