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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

Exhibitor Products

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Exhibitor Products

  • LoxTop

    22 Sep 2023 Safelocking
    The LoxTop is an intelligent key and asset management system that can be customised to suit your key and asset storage requirements. Each high security cabinet used a modular design for custom built, ...
  • LabelLockTM No Residue Tamper Evident Security Labels provide cost effective security that you can see.

    Protecting against unauthorised removal, whilst leaving no sticky or unsightly residue behind.

    Once a LabelLockTM tamper evident security label has been removed, it automatically shows an ‘OPENED’ message that cannot then be hidden, providing irrefutable proof of unauthorised access or tampering.

    LabelLockTM Tamper Evident Security Labels are sold in three sizes and all uniquely numbered.

  • Spectrum 6040 P3D

    VMI Security

    3D perspectives that capture the depth and detail

    VMI’s Spectrum 6040 P3D has technology capable of producing perspectives that capture the depth and detail of inspected volumes. Our innovative 3D perspective generation technology eliminates blind spots and increases visibility for easier threat identification.


  • Human Security Scanner Falcon -- Next-Generation Screening Technology.  One comprehensive, smart solution uniquely detects explosives, weapons, pyrotechnics, narcotics, and cash on people and in bags.

  • TR6545 Conveyor X-ray Scanner

    19 Sep 2023 Todd Research Ltd
    The TR-6545 is a cost-effective and reliable X-Ray Inspection System built with a narrow frame and large tunnel dimensions that enable it to screen a wide range of bags and parcels at checkpoints with ...
  • TR360PRO+ Search Pole

    19 Sep 2023 Todd Research Ltd
    The TR36PRO+ Search Pole patented, core technology platform is the most portable full body scan system available worldwide and the latest technological advancement for weapon threat detection. It is t ...
  • Paragon Walkthrough Metal Detector

    19 Sep 2023 Todd Research Ltd
    Introducing the Garrett Paragon walkthrough Metal Detector. It’s a revolutionary product that offers a blend of powerful performance, unparalleled flexibility, and ease-of-use. And all of this comes i ...
  • Introducing the next evolution in Metis’ passive radio frequency (RF) detect, track and identify (DTI) technology: compact form factor, enhanced video detect, protocol decoding, Remote ID (RID) and Aircraft Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Mode S situational awareness (SA).

  • Axon Body 4 is a next-generation body-worn video camera designed to maximise safety, increase transparency, and improve situational awareness. With full-shift battery life, enhanced field-of-view, and ...
  • We provide a diverse portfolio of training programmes covering multiple aspects of aviation regulation. Our courses are based on UK, ICAO and EASA standards, and can be delivered face-to-face, virtual ...

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