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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Exhibitor Products

  • Gatecrasher™ is the original water-tamped wall breaching charge which has unrivalled versatility and performance producing man-sized holes in walls up to 500mm (20”) thick. It may be loaded with detonating cord, plastic explosive, or sheet explosive allowing it to be used against a huge range of target types.

  • Dataminr Pulse uses AI to give you the earliest indicators of business-critical information about risks to your people, your brand, and physical and cyber assets – so you can respond with speed and co ...
  • Box Magnets

    09 Aug 2022 Tim Lloyd

    Box magnets are a staple of access control systems for doors, hatches, shutters, grilles and vents as well as being a straightforward security measure.

  • Marine Lock M1212

    09 Aug 2022 Tim Lloyd

    An aesthetically pleasing polished stainless-steel electric lock designed for marine environments to keep up appearances onboard superyachts and other prestigious craft while delivering leading-edge electric locking technology for security.

  • A fully-enclosed, heavy-duty electric locking mechanism that has been widely adopted by customers across industry sectors where waterproofing and ingress prevention are imperative, especially in harsh and demanding environments. 

  • Temporary 358 fence bracket

    01 Aug 2022 QAB Systems

    Reduing the need for manned security where fences are upgraded.

  • Cyber Reputation Management

    01 Aug 2022 Oliver Laurence

    In today’s world, online reputation management is essential. The Internet, and more specifically what people say about you online, is perhaps the single biggest influence on your success and that of your business and brand.

    I-OnAsia's cyber reputation monitoring and management works to counter, weaken or eliminate negative material online and generate and promote the positive. This matters so that when people search for you online they see you in the best possible light.

  • I-OnAsia's phone forensic specialists carry out forensic examination/s on smart phones, tablets and other smart devices to identify, isolate and review, and then remove any identfied spyware and malware which has been uploaded onto a device.

  • Global Cyber Analysis

    Oliver Laurence

    I-OnAsia's cyber analysis premium product. 

    Our global cyber analysts review all known data on a subject person, their social media accounts, cell phone, email links and any breaches connected to these, as well as all known global data from share holdings, company associations, directorships both on shore and offshore, building an immediate global digital footprint on an person or entity.

  • Email & Cell Phone Analysis

    Oliver Laurence

    I-OnAsia's cyber analysis team assess all known information connected to, or linked to a provided mobile number & email account.

    IOA Analysts assess all known email accounts which have been breached with known access details leaked onto the dark web or known internet forums where such information is sold, or used by nefarious entities.

    Immediate advice is provided following rapid investigations to ensure clients change access details to these identified accounts, securing vital client IP.

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