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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Exhibitor Products

  • ATG Access crash tested, fixed, automatic & shallow foundation bollards offer impact tested security for sites ranging from urban to industrial. Whatever the threat level, ATG has a suitable solution.

    All of our security bollards have been designed and tested to major crash test standards including BSI PAS 68 & IWA 14-1. 

  • ARX STOPPER temporary HVM Bollards

    30 May 2021 Eric Swithenbank
    ARX Stopper©    This product holds a CPNI Vehicle Attack Delay Standard (VADS) rating Fast and easy to set up Minimum of 3 units in a single array with no maximum limit, also possible to set up a chic ...
  • PROSCREEN 500™

    25 May 2021 Jim Wingfield
    BOOSTING PERFORMANCE IN SECURITY SCREENING FOR HARD TO DETECT ITEMS Proscreen 500™ is the answer to calls for a new and evolved security screening solution. Highly effective, discreet and portable, Pr ...

    25 May 2021 Jim Wingfield
    PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS IN CONTRABAND DETECTION Cellsense® Plus cellphone and contraband detector enhances the effectiveness for correctional facilities to confiscate contraband within the walls of the f ...

    25 May 2021 Jim Wingfield
    DETECTION PERFORMANCE IN A CLASS BY ITSELF Metrasens has re-engineered its market leading contraband detection systems to revolutionize portable screening of concealed inmate contraband. By introducin ...
  • Asset Protection

    10 May 2021 Lucy Ketley

    Physical security products can assist with the mitigation of CBRN threats and threats from organised crime through building hardening and internal asset protection. Securing zones, substances, assets or working areas prevents the possibility of contamination, theft, and targeted terrorist or criminal activity.

  • Entrance Security

    10 May 2021 Lucy Ketley

    When analysing a vehicle entrance to implement an automated security system, it is important to think about three things: firstly the security rating required which should be driven by a ‘vehicle dynamic assessment’, secondly the operational methodology to enhance, and not hinder existing security protocols and, finally, the aesthetics of the security system.

  • Crash Tested Bollards

    10 May 2021 Lucy Ketley

    Over the years we have crash-tested countless high-security bollards to ensure that we are providing you with tested, certified solutions. From BSI PAS 68 to IWA 14-1 and ASTM F2656, our security posts have been tested to the highest, internationally recognised standards.

  • Temporary Security Barriers

    07 May 2021 Lucy Ketley

    When planning a temporary security scheme, consultancy is our first point of expertise; from project inception to on-site provision, our staff are well versed to liaise, discuss and assist clients with all aspects of the project.

    Products are available to secure areas on a temporary basis and can still maintain pedestrian permeability or, a manned vehicle access point to facilitate emergency service vehicles.

  • Perimeter Fence

    07 May 2021 Lucy Ketley

    Whether you are sourcing palisade, mesh, wire rope or temporary fencing, HS Security has a full range of impact tested and force tested products to choose from.


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