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21 Sep 2021

Surface Mount Anti-Terrorist Swing Gate 40

In today’s HVM marketplace, the majority of swings barriers require expensive foundations, however, Safetyflex have designed a truly surface mount Swing Gate which requires NO ground fixings and is completely free-standing. It can also be installed within 2 hours to secure vulnerable locations. The appearance of Swing Gate 40 can be enhanced to blend in with existing street furniture with the addition of RAL colouring or stainless steel covers, similar to those shown below. This product is ideal for City Centres, where there is a requirement for pedestrian-only zones. The Swing Gate 40 can be installed as a permanent solution or at temporary events due to the rapid deployment time and the fact that there are NO civil works required. The Surface Mount Swing Gate 40 is manually operated so there is NO power needed, making this product carbon neutral.

The barrier is simple to operate and we have ensured a lightweight operation with the weight of the initial opening at just 7kg. To open the barrier, a small locking pin is removed from the main locking pin. This operation takes approximately 2 minutes and once it's removed, the barrier can swing either way. The hinged beam can be handed left or right when installing, you have the freedom to choose what side you would like the beam hinged on, and can be off-set if required. This Surface Mount Swing Gate 40 is the latest addition to Safetyflex’s range of surface mount products which include our Crash Blocks, Surface Mount Planters, Fenceline Systems

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