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Analytics Analytics

Safeture's Analytics Module helps you:

  1. Save time and money creating smart reports. 

  2. Correlate data for improved business intelligence.

  3. Understand underlying employee safety data.

  4. Manage company risk exposure.

  5. Visualize and share relevant statistics. 

Safeture’s Analytics Module combines all data sources into an easy-to-use, flexible business intelligence tool. Data is available as per your organization’s Data Retention Policy. No personal information is visible within the Analytics module.

Dependent on your subscription data is available on a combination of Travel Bookings, User Locations, Safeture Alerts, Safeture Country and Regional Risk Ratings, Safeture App usage, and Safeture Portal usage.

Analytics is split into sections to provide overviews of your data. This user guide describes the controls to manipulate the data and the content of each section.

Some of the data categories:

  • Travel Data 
  • Travel Risk
  • Alert
  • App and Web-usage
  • Message
  • Emergency


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