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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Exhibitor Products

  • Scan-360

    24 Jun 2022 N Smith

    Scan-360 is a low cost IP radar for site security. It detects humans and vehicles over the full 360 degrees with a total range of 400 metres (200m in all directions). On detection the radar automatically operates a PTZ CCTV camera to view the target area and send alarms to local recorders or remote control centres.

  • Security Ecosystems

    21 Jun 2022 Curtis Harvey
    ASSA ABLOY’s Ecosystems - Our ultimate software solutions that can provide data protection, help boost operational functionality with access control management. Tighten your security, grant users with ...
  • Digital Key System

    21 Jun 2022 Curtis Harvey
    We live in a connected world that offers tremendous capabilities and opportunities, but the unfortunate downside of technology is that it also creates new threats and challenges, and Cyber Security is ...
  • Wired Locking Solutions

    21 Jun 2022 Curtis Harvey
    Wired locking solutions are recommended for external doors and doors which require high security. Many commercial properties including offices, education, healthcare and hospitality will have this sol ...
  • Access Control Solutions

    21 Jun 2022 Curtis Harvey
    Wireless Electronic locks provide advanced, user-friendly access management — with multiple credential options. Access control providers can cost-effectively integrate nonwired doors with mechanical l ...
  • Ladder Support bracket

    21 Jun 2022 Gary Wood

    Ladder Support Bracket, 90° and face on.

  • Multi Purpose bracket

    21 Jun 2022 Gary Wood

    358 Multi Purpose Bracket 

  • Fall prevention bracket

    21 Jun 2022 Gary Wood

    Fall prevention when working at height on 358 security mesh

  • Lifting bracket

    21 Jun 2022 Gary Wood

    358 Lifting Bracket

  • CTSTP is a pair of test pieces designed specifically for measuring the imaging performance of X-ray computed tomography (CT) security-screening systems. CTSTP can be used on a routine basis to provide ...

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