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  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

    22 Jul 2021 Rossella Altamura
    HEAT is a 5-day immersive security training designed to enhance participants’ security and safety awareness and enable them to prevent and deal more effectively with risks, challenging situations and ...
  • Fast, accurate, portable and easy to use, the ETD-100 has been designed to augment any security checkpoint scenario. Complementary to traditional explosive trace detectors, the ETD-100 is optimised to ...
  • Do you want to ensure business continuity while maintaining an optimally secured perimeter? By monitoring your entrance, Heras Connect reduces the chance of a malfunctioning or unsafe access solution. ...
  • SABRE - Security Risk Management

    22 Jul 2021 Gareth Hulmes
    Security Risk Management 
  • GeoMic There are 2 variants to the GeoMic product line, GeoMic and GeoMic Pro. The GeoMic detection analysers are used in conjunction with the Alpha sensor cable and offers an extremely reliable Perim ...
  • LPCB Security - Certificattion

    22 Jul 2021 Richard Flint
    Interested in Fire testing and certification?
  • The trackless version of the bi-fold gate is ideal for locations where there is a need for an unlimited passage height for passing vehicles, but where there is no possibility of an integrated guide tr ...
  • An electro-mechanical barrier with a fast and efficient operation, the Saros barrier has a robust internal frame and the aesthetics that are well suited for use in commercial car parks and industrial ...
  • The Zenith range includes Zenith SR1, Zenith SR2 and Zenith SR3. Zenith system offers a high level of protection against vandalism, intrusion and terrorist activity thanks to the combination of its an ...
  • KeyWatcher Touch

    21 Jul 2021 Marcey Tweedie
    Electronic Key Control System

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