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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Exhibitor Products

  • Security Guarding

    12 Aug 2022 Sara Tanveer

    Retail,Corporate,Office and Residential Security Guarding at BS 7499 Vetting and Screening at BS 7858


  • Novus Guard (Lone Worker Protection)

    12 Aug 2022 Sara Tanveer

    Novus Guard is an SOS Alert based mobile application for managing, monitoring and ensuring safety of lone workers. 

  • The Stealth Z4 building amplifiers are designed to provide indoor coverage for homes, buildings, basements and underground locations that shield Mobile signal. LED level indicators make installation q ...
  • Stealth X4 home and building amplifiers eliminate dropped calls, increase battery life and increase data speeds, for voice and data services simultaneously. The X4 Amplifier increases incoming and out ...
  • The Mobile X Pro is the highest power and gain mobile amplifier on the market. The X4 Pro has 53dB gain and keeps you connected where all other amplifiers fail. It amplifies signal to all mobile devic ...
  • Mobile X4 Extreme power wireless multi-user vehicle amplifier. Improves 4G LTE and 3G voice calls and increases data speed for all mobile devices. Self-regulating, easy to install, no maintenance requ ...
  • Most powerful M2M Amplifier on the market – Boosts 4G LTE and 3G signals for all networks. Direct connect to cellular modems, tracking, monitoring and other cellular data devices. Plug and play, self- ...
  • Pexraytech’s flat panels are designed for rough conditions. Panels are drop tested and IP67 rated so they withstand the most demanding conditions. Our security users in customs, military and police ca ...
  • Constant potential generator Pexraytech’s PXR Generator 160 is designed to be used with both Scanning panels and PXR Flat panel systems. PXR Generator 160 coupled with PXR Alpha systems enables one of ...
  • The Slimline range is a superior multi-point lock which provides high security protection with ballistic, blast and fire resistance in a single product.

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