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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Exhibitor Products

  • CyberKey Vault 20

    18 Aug 2022 Jim Scharff

    We can go further than one Key for all your locks.   Not everyone needs a Key all the time.  Using the ValidiKey Vault system, you can release Keys just when needed, and use the same Key for many different profiles.

  • CyberLock Padlocks

    18 Aug 2022 Jim Scharff

    CyberLocks are available in over 400 designs, but their use within assorted padlocks shows the real strength of the CyberLock solution - controlling access at remote locations.

  • Flex 2

    18 Aug 2022 Jim Scharff

    CyberLock goes beyond intelligent locks and keys with the Flex 2 addition.  Control access to wired doors and infrastructure by card, fob, phone or code - anwhere in the World.

  • CyberKey Blue 3

    18 Aug 2022 Jim Scharff

    Bluetooth enabled CyberKeys bring unparrelled remote control over access to CyberLocks.  Receive new permissions when needed.  Deactivate the Key when not in use. 

  • PM1401K-3PM is the smallest and the most lightweight instrument in the world which is capable to operate simultaneously as an alarming device, search instrument, spectrometer and identifier. The devic ...
  • Apex Vanguard K9 HECATE Camera System

    17 Aug 2022 Apex Vanguard Ltd
    HECATE K9 RUGGEDISED TACTICAL CAMERA SYSTEM  A specialist k9 multi-platform camera system with twin day night and thermal cameras, supported by an integrated COFDM microwave transmission module with a ...
  • SelectaPTT is an extremely secure communications and command and control ecosystem, designed to empower users in the field, decision makers, and administrators.

  • Switchable offers instant window privacy, transitioning from transparent to opaque (and back again) at the touch of a button. The product can be applied as a self-adhesive window film to existing glazing.

  • Casper Cloaking Technology is an LED Cloaking Technology for glass walls that obscures content on LED/OLED screens from outside view.

  • The PFS Flexible Anchoring System® will enhance the performance of safety and security window films in the event of an explosion. These systems secure the filmed glass to the frame, further reducing the risk of injury. PFS® offer a range of flexible and mechanical systems tested and certified to European and international standards.

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