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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Exhibitor Products

  • Trellidor products.
  • Trellidor products.
  • Images of the Trellidor products.
  • A regular check of the accuracy of X-ray inspection systems by means of standard test pieces (STP) has been established in the EU by the decision of the EU Commission (2010) 774 and the European Civil ...
  • Released in late 2021, OTS basics is the most technological advanced training for new operators we ever created. Trainees learn within a proven educational system called S.T.E.P., which slowly increas ...
  • The 3D simulator ProDetect® is based on Battelle’s longtime experience in behavioral research and X-ray technology – paired with STI‘s expertise in education and training this outstanding training sof ...
  • Flexible anti-cut

    24 Aug 2022 KP

    Flexible Anti-Cut armour is our specially constructed system, manufactured using our Legion Flexi-Armour. This new system significantly increases protection time against hand-held cutting power cutting blades. 

  • Rigid anti-cut panels

    24 Aug 2022 KP

    ASL GRP have designed and manufactured specialist Anti-Cut panels to protect both vehicles and compounds from physical attack. 

    ASL Anti-Cut panels are ideal for use in Cash in Transit (CIT) vehicles and ATM protection, as panels are lightweight and modular for ease of installation.

  • Blast suppression blanket

    24 Aug 2022 KP

    Blast suppression blankets are used to suppress the blast fragmentation from an explosion that can cause damage and injuries.

    These blankets are particularly useful for suspected IEDs contained in packages up to briefcase size and pipe bombs.

  • Blast container

    24 Aug 2022 KP

    The Blast Container is a cylindrical assembly consisting of composite woven fibres designed to withstand blast and fragments from an explosive device containing up to 500g (16 oz) of PE4.

    The container enables the user to contain a suspect explosive device while awaiting the arrival of a bomb disposal team. The removable inner bag is designed to hold the device in an upright position.

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