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24-25 SEPTEMBER 2024

Exhibitor Products

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Exhibitor Products

  • Heald’s multi-award-winning sliding bollard system, the Matador is a patent-protected security system, crash-tested to different IWA standards. The Matador has revolutionised the perimeter security industry and has been recognised by numerous awards for innovation.

  • Protect Preserve Predict


  • Remote Planet

    Secure Innovation

    The Worlds’ resources are limited, and our time precious. By simply controlling our global assets and infrastructure remotely and efficiently, we can minimise our carbon footprint, save time and cost, and help to preserve the natural world.

  • Hovermap ST-X

    23 Aug 2023 Nick Bloomfield

    Emesent works closely with users to provide decision support and improve workflows across operational planning and rehearsals, survey, damage assessment, search and rescue, disaster relief, CBRNe, EOD, and sensitive site exploitation, helping them better understand the operating environments and enabling faster, and more informed decisions.


  • The next level in ‘anti-cut’ security fencing is our Duo-8 SR1 (Dualguard) fencing system. Manufactured with 25 x 200mm mesh apertures it offers a stronger panel than our standard Duo-8 SR1. 

  • When you need to defend against the latest physical security threats, CorruSec D10 (SR4) by Zaun offers the highest level of Protection Through Innovation...

  • From major events to protecting infrastructure, the MultiFence PAS 68 HVM Fencing System defends against the latest in multi-threat attacks. With foundation-free installation thanks to our integrated Temporary Vehicle Concrete Barriers (VCB), MultiFence PAS 68 can be set up on either soft or hard ground.

  • Armaweave by Zaun is the only Self Raking Woven Mesh Fencing system to be NPSA rated product: Approved for UK Government use, for details contact NPSA and Secured by Design

  • The ability to offer protection through innovation has always been at the heart of all our product designs and HiSec Super 10 is no different. The world’s first single skin fencing system rated to LPS 1175 B3 (SR2) and Secured by Design was designed in January 2013, since then it has gone on to protect projects and assets around the globe. So let’s talk a little more about HiSec Super 10.

  • Trusted by more than 6,000 customers worldwide. AEOS is the ultimate, inherently secure access control platform. On-premises solution AEOS empowers organisations who need high security and control ove ...

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