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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Exhibitor Products

  • Intelligent Visual Monitoring

    08 Jul 2022 Matthew Hearn

    An easy and cost-effective way to add video to your monitored alarm system

    We must learn to rethink security and adapt to the actual security needs of a client. With the Intelligent Visual Monitoring a complete security solution can be created that is tradition and preventative by design.

  • REDSCAN 2020

    08 Jul 2022 Matthew Hearn

    The RLS-2020S is our compact indoor - Grade 3 compliant - and outdoor laser sensor which provides a customisable ‘virtual’ wall or plane with a detection area up to 20mx20m or 30m radius 95° with the extended range mode (ver 3.0 onwards) to detect people or objects.


    08 Jul 2022 Matthew Hearn

    The award-winning OPTEX REDSCAN series just went one better, with a new detector featuring its longest range yet. REDSCAN Pro is a highly accurate outdoor and indoor security sensor using LiDAR technology with advanced detection performance, long-range customisable detection and environment resistance.

  • Military, aerospace and security-critical applications use radar – for good reasons. Unlike cameras and fences, which may fail or be overcome, AdvanceGuard works in all weather and light conditions, requires minimal infrastructure and is highly effective, even at 2 km. Unlike other sensors, AdvanceGuard’s radar tracks targets regardless of direction of travel, providing exceptional detection and low false alarm rates.

  • K4 Training is one of the fastest growing training Companies in the UK. We offer you custom-built services and have the privilege to be the first choice of all of our clients for their training needs. ...
  • Here at K4, our officers are not just extremely well equipped at effectively handling confrontational situations, they are also articulate, pleasant and charming individuals! This is why we are a popu ...
  • Providing security for events prior to the pandemic was our main source of revenue so we have missed them as much as you! We are now back to provide a premier security solution for our previous, curre ...
  • If you are worried that on-site security personnel will not be enough to prevent trespassers and vandals then our specialist security dog handling team could be the right choice for you.  The sight of ...
  •  STATIC GUARDING After a thorough risk assessment of your premises, we will help you strategically place handpicked security officers in just the right place to ensure maximum protection and visibilit ...
  • Protecting people, property and the environment is as important today as it has ever been. The LPCB certification mark reassures customers, end-users and regulators that the certified products and sys ...

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