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Global Counter Terror & Serious and Organised Crime Summit 

The Role of Cyber Espionage in Terrorist Activities and How to Detect and Prevent Such Activities - Joel Aleburu, Microsoft 

Joel talk

Bytes not Waves: Global Jihadism and Information Communication Technologies - Dr Patrick Bury, University of Bath

Patrick Bury talk

Presenting the International Initiative of Law Enforcement for Climate (I2LEC) - Lt Col Dan Humaid, Ministry of Interior (UAE)

Dana Humaid talk

Terrorism and Organised Crime – A Continuing and Evolving Threat - Dr Martin Gallagher, Kilmailing

Martin Gallagher talk

Narco-Terrorism in Europe – Cases from Belgium & the Netherlands - Lina Kolesnikova, Security Expert

Lina talk

Our Risk Perception is Broken - Miguel Clarke, Armor Cybersecurity

Miguel Clarke talk

The War on Dirty Money: Focus on TBML - Mariola Marzouk, University of Portsmouth

Mariola talk

APTs: An Exploration of Serious and Organised Cybercrime - Joe Wrieden, Cyjax

Joe wrieden talk

Ports, Cocaine and the Changing Nature of Organised Crime Groups in Europe - Prof. Anna Sergi, University of Essex

Anna sergi talk

Human Trafficking – Enhancing Security Awareness - William Dill, Invisible Traffick, NI

William Dill talk

International Security Conference

What Security Professionals (Should) Know & How They (Could) Know It - Kathryn Woolham, University of Central Lancashire

UCL talk

PANEL | Port Security - Doing the Right Things - Chris Trelawny & Andrew McClumpha, INTERPORTPOLICE

Interpolice talk

Quality within the Security Industry - Lee Doddridge

Lee Doddridge talk

SCEG Panel | Supporting a Secure Environment in Ukraine - Paul Gibson, Adrian Blanchette & Richard Wylde

Gardaworld talk

The Evolution of Hostile Vehicle Threats and New Challenges for Security - Yan St-Pierre, MOSECON 


Aviation Security – The Future UK Regulatory Lands - Kevin Sawyer, CAA International


Unruly Passengers – What is Your Plan? - Frederick Reitz, SAFEsky Inc


PANEL | The Impact of Inclusion and Belonging in the Security Industry - Satia Rai, Sarah Hayes, Sarah Jane Cork, Lisa Baskott & Chris Hutchinson 

security skills board

Entrepreneurial Offender Theory - Richard Flint, BRE Global

eot bre talk

Security in Public Places: Paris & Washington DC - Thomas Vonier, Chesapeake Strategies Ltd

Thomas Vonier talk

International Risk & Resilience Conference

How does Multi-Domain Due Diligence fit into your Approach to Resilience? - Nigel Lea & Toby Jackman, Sicuro Group

talk RR 1

Role of the New Independent Public Advocate (IPA) - Tony Thompson, OTHO UK

Tony Thompson talk

Responding to an Incident – the Human Aspects in Pictures - Peter Cheesman, The Emergency Planning Society

RR talk 3

Product Innovation Theatre

Axon Ecosystem of Integrated Technology - Connor Chatterson, AXON

Axon talk 2

Protecting Biometric Identities - CCTV in the Age of Deepfakes and AI Essential Tools and Insights for Every Firm with CCTV for Security and Video Analytics - Simon Randall, Pimloc

Pimloc talk

Securing Tomorrow: Safe & Reliable UAV Defense Strategies for a Drone-empowered Future - Tamir Ginat, Sentrycs

Sentrycs talk

The Concept of a Multi-Layered Detection Setup - Ben Linklater, Optex

Optex talk

Thermal Radar - Triple Threat Physical Protection for Substations and Power Grid Applications Worldwide - Mike Petty, Thermal Radar/Sesys

Thermal radar talk

How Technology Helps Reduce the Impact of Incident - Nigel Austinm, Qognify part of Hexagon

Qognify talk

Unlocking the Future of Operations Centres - Umesh Moudgil, Userful

Userful talk

Apstec's HSS - A Quantum Leap in Security Screening - Stephen Cooper. APSTEC Systems

Apstec talk

Integrated Zone Ex - For Modern Event Security - David McAtamney, Stadium Group

Stadium Group talk

RIEGL LiDAR Technology – supporting Public Safety for nearly 20 years - Dave Foster, RIEGL UK

Riegl talk

Harnessing Industry 4.0 for Complex Environment Worker Protection - Anthony McAndrew, Secure Innovation Ltd

Secure Innovation talk

The Future of Critical Connectivity - Dave Willetts, CSL Group

CSL talk

Solving Security & Safety Concerns in Privacy Areas - Jonathan Antar, IPVideo

IPVideo talk

Showcasing Defence and Security Accelerator -Jonathan Jones, DASA

DASA talk

Protecting People, Premises & Property - Clair Frame, SelectaDNA

Select DNA talk

Can Physical Perimeter Security be Green? - Steve Bailes, Zaun

Zaun talk

Securablinds - Blast Mitigation and Forced Entry Security Blinds - Adam Kelly, Abbey Protect

Abbey Protect talk

The Information Intelligence Revolution – Leveraging AI to Accelerate Research and Transform Reporting - Sam Olsen, Adarga Research Institute

Adarga talk

Protect Preserve Predict - Les Hume & Dr Jonathan Sinclair, Inclutech

Inclutech talk

High security Access Control for Government and Critical National Infrastructure - Michael Lee, Nedap

nedap talk

Time for Change - Why Protective Building Methods Must Evolve in Order to Survive - Martin Jennings, BBX

BBX talk

From Domestic Violence to Department of Defence. This live streaming device is saving lives every day in Australia - Adam Gergis, Duress

Duress talk


24-25 September 2024, Olympia Events, London


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