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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

British Transport Police

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British Transport Police



There will be three demonstrations each day of the Expo. They will be joined by the Specialist Response Unit (SRU) who are deployed to confirmed or suspected CBRN incidents. Also come and learn about Citizens in Policing. 

Demonstration times for 27 and 28 September

10:30, 13:30 and 15:30

Specialist Response Unit

The Specialist Response Unit (SRU) is unique within British policing because of the broad range of incidents that they respond to. They carry a wide range of technical equipment and PPE which allows them to assess items including powders, liquids, pastes and odors. SRU officers are trained in the use of X-Ray and advanced detection techniques.

They determine whether an item can be cleared as non-suspicious or call specialist resources (such as EOD) to assist. All SRU officers are to deploy to confirmed or suspected CBRN incidents, which is supported by advanced detection equipment

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Officers from the British Transport Police’s Armed Policing Teams deploy across the rail network to disrupt and deter both terrorist and criminal activity. The team will be returning to this year’s ISE to showcase a selection of their equipment which includes firearms, less lethal devices and door entry apparatus. Officers will be available to discuss the role Armed Policing plays in enhancing station security around some of the nation’s busiest railway stations.

Citizens in Policing

Citizens in Policing (CiP) is about volunteering with British Transport Police (BTP); as a Police Support Volunteer, a Cadet Leader or as a Special Constable. Engaging in these roles will give an insider’s view of policing and be a part of a team that values your contribution. Come and speak with the team on stand B71 to find out more.

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