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Realities of Terror: A personal Impact

Figen murrayFigen Murray, a mother devastated by the loss of her son will discuss the reality of how ordinary family life ceased on 22nd May 2017 when her son, Martyn, was murdered in a terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena. Channelling her experience to the audience, Figen together with former National Counter Terrorism Co-ordinator and retired Chief Superintendent, Nick Aldworth, will present their campaign for more rigorous checks at venues, under the name Martyn's Law.

Figen Murray's keynote speech, Realities of Terror: A personal Impact, will feature at the end of Day 1 - 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm Tuesday 3rd December in the Global Counter-Terrorism Summit. 

*Global Counter-Terrorism Summit is by application only, but Figen's speech will be open to all.

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