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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Stand: G40
  • Cyber Security
  • Drone/Counter Drone
  • Intruder Detection / Monitoring
  • Perimeter Protection

Sentrycs is a global leader in integrated counter-drone solutions. With the rising use of commercial drones, security officers protecting sensitive sites face escalating threats. They need an effective response tailored to their needs without compromising existing security frameworks. Safeguarding communities, assets, and critical infrastructure requires a comprehensive approach beyond technology implementation. Addressing this multifaceted challenge necessitates collaboration among key stakeholders, including regulatory bodies, UTM players, technology vendors, and drone users.

Recognizing the complexity, Sentrycs' team of Communications and Radio Frequency experts began a mission in 2017. They aimed to develop modular solutions customized to meet the unique security requirements and drone ecosystems of each partner. By collaborating with their expertise, Sentrycs strives to provide effective counter-drone measures, ensuring the safety and protection of communities worldwide.


Toha Building
Yigal Alon St 114
Tel Aviv-Yafo


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  • In a recent collaborative effort with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Sentrycs, a frontrunner in integrated counter-UAS technology, showcased its advanced drone detection and tracking solutions in a series of tests conducted in Oklahoma. The technology demonstrated a remarkable ability to detect and track multiple drones of various types, operating at different ranges, altitudes, and speeds, with a notable capacity to distinguish between authorized and unauthorized drones, ensuring zero false alarms. The system, based on Protocol Analytics, can also securely take over unauthorized drones, guiding them to a controlled landing or returning them to their origin without affecting authorized drones. CEO Yoav Zaltzman emphasized the transformative potential of Sentrycs' technology in addressing drone threats, particularly drone swarms. For further details or official reports, contact DHS directly. Learn more about Sentrycs' pioneering solutions at


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