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2018 TINYg Closed Door Briefing:



Corporate Resilience to Adverse Incidents – Vital Preparations, Expeditious and Effective Response.

There is no doubt that certain roles within Emergency Management structure preparations require specialist input, but is simplicity to these structures the key to allowing for resolution after an adverse incident, such as a major terrorist attack?

We believe that selecting the correct subject matter to be trained, to the correct staff, can put any organisation in a better place for increasing duty of care by empowering individuals, and assisting in the prevention of an adverse incident directly impacting.
We believe that effective risk identification will assist in directing response preparations.
We believe that understanding and implementing effective Incident Management and Emergency Management Structures will expedite effective response and recovery.

A one hour theoretical presentation, followed by a one hour practical presentation and question and answer session will explain how our experiences have led to effective emergency management for small businesses and major corporates that we represent and have acted for. We aim to take away the shroud of complication and technological over-extravagance to enhance an understanding of what is truly needed.