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Safer Cities Summit in partnership with CSSC

SAFER CITIES LOGO28th November,  10:00am - 12:30pm

Unique to the show bringing Government, Metropolitan Police, Mayoral Office Representation from cities around the UK, blighted by terrorist atrocities together to examine the lessons learned and discuss cooperative ways forward. This exclusive conference is by application only.

The high tempo of terrorist attacks and attack planning in recent months, in the UK and abroad, has demonstrated the seriousness of the ongoing terrorist threat to our cities. Because of this we are continually striving to evolve our methodologies to better protect our cities from those intent on causing us harm and ensuring that we are prepared to effectively respond to, and recover from, such attacks.


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To join the audience you must be a serving member of Government, Authority, Law Enforcement or Emergency Responder.

Please note: by completing this form you are applying to attend the Safer Cities Summit, this does not guarantee you entry. We will notify you of the outcome in due course.

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