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ASIS Joint Briefing

Future of the Security Industry?

ASIS LOGOThe ASIS International UK Chapter’s Young Professional and Women in Security groups co-hosted an event on the ‘Future of the Security Industry?’.

The event discussed how the security industry could develop in the future, leveraging technological advances to support businesses and their clients. Examples of technological advances that were discussed during the session included artificial intelligence (AI), Bitcoin, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and others.

Following a highly interactive and informative keynote presentation from Alicia Humphreys from EYx - EY’s Open Innovation Group – the session included a panel discussion from several professionals across different sectors of the industry who shared their views on how the industry may develop and how both they as professionals, and their own industries, are preparing for the changes that may be coming, considering the risks and opportunities that technology affords.

Time was given to answer questions from the audience at the end of both sessions.

1400 – 1500 - Keynote: Alicia Humphreys, EYx

Alicia discussed some of the new technology that is available on the market and how it can support the future of the industry, while also sharing expertise on what could be coming next, considering the key questions: how do security professionals prepare to meet the risks and embrace the opportunities that technology affords.

1500 – 1515 - Networking and discussion

1515 – 1630 - Panel discussion: What does the future of the industry look like to you?

A number of industry professionals discussed what the future looks like for their industries, and how professionals will need to adapt to face future challenges, while embracing opportunities.  

1630 – 1700 - Networking and discussion

This briefing was held 28th November 2018 in Henley 1. Application only.