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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

Speaking Requests

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Speaking Requests

Please submit a form below to speak in one of our conferences or summits:

Our leading summits are set to provide top-level industry insight and policy covering key event themes and sector-driven debates:

  • Global Counter-Terrorism & Serious Organised Crime Summit - hosted in International Security Expo
  • Global Cyber Summit - hosted in International Cyber Expo

Our conferences will highlight fundamental learnings whilst providing key updates to help protect, secure and respond to evolving threats:

  • International Security Conference:
    • Day 1 – CNI, Transport, and Aviation
    • Day 2 – Night-time economy, Public Sector Major Events/Stadium
  • Disaster and Resilience Conference

Proposals will be assessed on their suitability and content. Submissions must be content-based and not product or service driven. Submitting a proposal is no guarantee of having a session allocated

Please complete the form below to submit a speaking request: