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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022


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Steve Watts

Steve Watts

Director, Policing Insight & Strategic Policing Professionals, Australia
Dr Steve Watts has over 42 years operational and strategic Policing and security experience, having served at the highest level in one of the largest non- metropolitan Police Forces in England and Wales and latterly as a global policing, security and management consultant. His police career was predominantly as a detective, culminating as Head of CID for Hampshire Constabulary, then Assistant Chief Constable (Specialist Operations). He was active nationally and was inter alia; National Lead for Investigative Interviewing, Lead for the Investigation of Deaths in Health Care settings and Vice Chair of the ACPO Homicide Committee setting national policy for the way in which major crime was investigated and reviewed, and National Lead for Maritime Policing & Operations. Steve has provided consultancy and training in policing, management, crime and counter terrorism in the UK and the Middle East including appointment as an EU Special Counselor when he was engaged in developing the delivery of Strategic Planning and Performance Management regimes to the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia. Steve is now based with his family in New South Wales, Australia where he provides security consultancy as well as being the online ‘Policing Insight’ publication Director for the region.