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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Stephen MacKenzie

Stephen MacKenzie

International Fire, Security & Resilience Campaigner
Stephen is an innovative consultant with demonstrated multi-disciplinary skills in complex property portfolios, coupled with long standing academic work as an international subject expert in fire risk assessment and fire safety management. With established global networks and sector leadership accrued during a career spanning 35 years, Stephen is a progressive practitioner with extensive knowledge across a spectrum of built environment and engineering disciplines. Beyond formal assignments Stephen has spent the past four years, predominantly providing pro bono contribution to post-Grenfell understanding, giving advice to residents and a spectrum of stakeholders. Stephen is a long-standing diversity & inclusion champion, open about his dyslexia to encourage everyone to embrace the unique abilities many dyslexics retain. Over the years Stephen has quietly sponsored a raft of young professional awards within the built environment, fire safety and emergency services sectors. As a frequent news commentator on a wide range of fire and explosion incidents, with over 500 news comments, Stephen is now an established fire safety campaigner and exploring a new chapter to an already comprehensive career.