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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Speaker videos

Previews of the talks at International Security Expo 2022

Philip Ingram, Head of Content - International Security Expo 2022

Nick Aldworth, Director

- Risk to Resolution Ltd

Alistair Brown, Director

- Resilience First

Rachel Carson, Director

- Analysis at Inspired Acts

Beena Chester, Director of Business Engagement - Resilience First  


Neil Harrington, Head of Business Development at - Linev Systems UK

Chris Phillips, MD - International Protect and Prepare Security Office (IPPSO) UK

Adina Pintilie, Programme Manager - Ridgeway Information

Don Randall, Senior Advisor

- Don Randall Associates

Christian Schneider, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Advisor - INIBSP (Initiative Breitscheidplatz GmbH)


Anna-Liisa Tampuu, Co-Chair of the Inclusive Security SIG - The Security Institute


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