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Screening and Scanning
  1. Theatre 4
    • Screening and Scanning
  2. Theatre 4
    • Screening and Scanning
    • High precision material discrimination and machine-learned threat targeting 
    • Multi-energy, photon counting technology applicable to all scanning energies and scales 
    • Convenient retrofit format with scalable, low-power, economical electronics design
  3. Theatre 4
    • Screening and Scanning
    • Completely passive, safe and effective 
    • Material Identification 
    • Disruptive Technology
  4. Theatre 4
    • Screening and Scanning
    • The operational requirement - how good is good enough & drivers to act;
    • Effectively integrating high footfall screening into operations;
    • Pragmatism & realism - the art of the possible.
  5. Theatre 4
    • Screening and Scanning
    • Portable x ray (why it is unique) and can be set up quickly and easily to investigate unattended bags/luggage etc .
    • Clear X ray image can help determine whether bag poses a threat or is just abandoned luggage
    • Scene can be brought back to normality quickly. Saves lengthy and costly evacuation time.
  6. Theatre 4
    • Screening and Scanning
    • L3 is future proofing-  improving detection capability and reducing false alarms through AI/machine learning
    • Joining multiple systems to create an information ecosystem at the checkpoint
    • Turning data into information for process improvement
    • L3 doubles capacity within the same footprint through automation
  7. Theatre 4
    • Screening and Scanning
    • High Energy Security Screening - integrated solutions using Varex components at the heart of your system .
    • Bringing X-ray to the field - man portable inspection 
    • Increased Materials Characterisation for Cargo Scanning
  8. Theatre 4
    • Screening and Scanning
    • Itemiser 4DN - Optimised for Narcotics Detection
    • Full range of Narcotics Detection
    • Practical in Design
    • Application in the real world
  9. Theatre 4
    • Screening and Scanning
    • Stand-off detection at distances of 100 feet (30 Metres) .
    • Mobile .
    • High detection rates and very low false alarms . 
    • Integrates proprietary radar techniques with artificial intelligence to provide real time detection without operator interpretation.