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Education Security Conference

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The education sector is at the cutting edge in the fight against terror. Whether it is Yates need to identify radicalization or protecting the students and building from an actual attack, there is much the industry needs to learn.

28th November, London Room (Theatre 2)

Education Security Conference 1
  1. London Room
    • Education Security Conference
  2. London Room
    • Education Security Conference
    • Closing the gap in security resilience by connecting the key stakeholder: your students
    • Connected Campus, how to unite buildings into one dynamic strategy
    • Sharing knowledge between institutions 
  3. London Room
    • Education Security Conference
    • Documentary and statistical context for prevent and the Prevent Duty in Universities
    • Best practice parameters and how to achieve them on a practical level
    • Case Study: Analysis of the Prevent Duty in St Andrews and Oxford
  4. London Room
    • Education Security Conference
    • History of the Police National Search Centre
    • Identifying your hazards
    • Planning your search site, buildings and people.
  5. London Room
    • Education Security Conference

    Schools are under-protected and are most certainly not providing adequate safeguarding from hostile incursion due to a over reliance on generic plans and the response times of emergency services.

    The threat to schools is not sufficiently identified and is often underestimated, especially from angry parents or Child Protection issues that may and do escalate. There is an over-reliance on physical and technical security to over-match the intruder threat, and an under-investment in threat analysis and behavioural response to beat the identified risks. This presentation will detail the process by which the school-specific plan may be defined and implemented, focusing on behavioural response aligned to the specific peculiarities of each individual school.