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Biometrics & Access Control
  1. Theatre 4
    • Biometrics & Access Control
    • How Biometrics assist in reducing threats
    • Which Biometric recognition method works best
    • What the future hold with Biometrics
  2. Theatre 4
    • Biometrics & Access Control
    • Enhancing security by greatly increasing personnel and vehicle throughput, identifying  threats, and providing real-time actionable intelligence.
    • Enhance Access Control and Security - Alerts operators to exceptions, removing the human failings of short attention span
    • Secure Three Tier Verification Vehicle License, Underside and all Occupants instantly checked to database for verification
    • Real word Scenario Operation All Weather, lighting and through all glass and tints, on moving vehicles
  3. Theatre 4
    • Biometrics & Access Control
    • Explosive charge, pressure, impulse 
    • Large glazing, modern or historical design despite highest blast resistance  
    • Example of blast tests
  4. Theatre 4
    • Biometrics & Access Control
    • How good are face recognition systems? 
    • Complexity and concerns 
    • Use of artificial intelligence techniques
    • Appropriate use