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17 Oct 2018

who we are

MH Services N20
Mobile Forensic Laboratory

Forensics Solutions for field operations and in the laboratory


For mobile phone forensic, fast HDD imaging and recovery, Unlocking Tools and Password Crackers


  • Mobile / Field Solutions for data acquisition and imaging
  • Portable / Transportable solutions for data acquisition and imaging
  • Forensic Vehicles from 4-40t, with from 2 to 12 workstations/places
  • Customised and fully independent  Forensic Laboratories
  • Mobile and fully equipped laboratory on wheels  for crime scene IT-Forensic investigations 
  • Forensic computers, workstations and servers for field and laboratory application (HDD imaging, phone forensic, analysis)
  • Forensic software (HDD imaging, phone forensic, analysis, password decryption)
  • Internet and Darknet & Cloud forensic / Automatic exploitation of social networks, deep and dark web data
  • Password crackers
  • Network capture / Sniffing  & Wardriving
  • Faraday solutions / Clean-room solutions



  • A handy and very mobile solution, powerful & easy to transport
  • Field acquisition and analysis (HDD imaging, phone forensic, data analysis)
  • Contains the latest write blocker from Tableau and two 1 TB data drives
  • Up to 128 RAM, 8 core xenon processor
  • HDD imaging 1TB per hour
  • Mobile Phone USB DUMP and Analysis





  • Able to image two suspect drives/devices simultaneously
  • As powerful as a workstation, but extremely portable
  • Up to 32 GB of DDR2 ram
  • Up to 4 removable 1 TB data drives- hot swap & screw less
  • HDD imaging 2 TB per hour
  • Mobile phone USB DUMP and analysis





  • Portable device for mobile digital-evidence-saving in computer forensics
  • Field acquisition and analysis (HDD imaging, phone forensic, data analysis)
  • Court-suitable copy / cloning without any change of data
  • Equipped with 3 internal HDD-write-blocking devices (t356789ui) for court-suitable copies
  • Unusual combination of mobility + maximal performance
  • Copies up to 3TB per hour





  • Workstation with hardware encryption for sensible data
  • For field and laboratory application (HDD imaging, phone forensic, analysis)
  • Possibility to encrypt the destination drives with 256 bit AES hardware encryption
  • No performance lost regarding reading or writing on the drives.
  • High-end workstations to index and process digital data with cyber speed




  • Images up to 8 suspect drives at once,  8 TB per hour
  • Contains 8 tableau write blockers, always the latest models
  • Equipped with on-board storage that can take up to 48 TB of data
  • Available as remote system as well


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