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20 Sep 2018

VICAP is the most secured model in the market

MRB Corporation H10

VICAP uses the ability of humans to see and understand, to code the way a website recognizes a human user and a robot. Unlike before where bots could easily gain access to a page without any form of obstruction, causing multiple registration entries and violation. Now bots can no longer do that. If they want to, they will have to solve these visual Captcha. Solving visual Captcha requires having a human understanding of shapes, audios, texts,shapes, and patterns, because they come in various form trying to confuse bots.

VICAP is a new captcha and researches just proved tha all current captcha models have been broken, hereby, our product provides an innovative solution which is no other than being secured against all current attacks and image recognition techniques – being one of the most robust products in the market.

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