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09 Nov 2018

The Police Tech Pioneers

Audax Global Solutions Ltd A60
A Directory of the 75 Most Innovative Police Tech Startups

As stated in the Directory "Small Technology Companies are much nimbler and more responsive to the needs of the Public and the Police. Such companies react more quickly to innovate, deliver solutions and address mew criminal behaviour." it goes on to say " There are solutions ready today that can make a demonstratable impact on Police Business Porcesses and crime fighting right now" 

Audax® are worldwide Pioneers in developing Body Worn Video (BWV) technology. We led the World in 2006 with the UK Home Office in a joint project producing the first ever BWV standards.  Audax® were the First UK Security SME ever funded by the European Union H2020 Instrument which resulted in Bio-AX® meeting both BS EN 8593:2017 and the requirements of the UK Home Office Technical Guidance published in July 2018. Audax® were the Communications Systems Award winner at the Counter Terror Business awards and winners of the “Most Innovative in Security Technology” at the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2019.

The report outlines the police technology landscape, the police tech market as well as trends and drivers for police use of technology. One of the conclusions in the report is that when law enforcement don’t use new technology, they risk time-consuming processes, missed opportunities and misallocation of resources.

In the foreword Lord Bernard Hogan-Howe, QPM ex-commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, points out that new technologies offer an opportunity to work better across borders and that smaller tech companies have an advantage in a world where technology development is moving at a very fast pace. Lord Hogan-Howe highlights that small technology companies are much nimbler and more responsive to the needs of the public and the police; that they react more quickly to innovate, deliver solutions and address new criminal behaviour.

The 75 tech companies in the Tech Pioneers Index have been identified as the most innovative tech companies serving the policing market today. Around a third were from the UK, slightly more from North America and the remainder from the EU, Australia and NZ.

Of the 25 UK companies featured that could drive a new wave of Technology-enabled Policing is Audax Global Solutions Ltd.

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