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02 Oct 2018

The effects of bots on social media

MRB Corporation H10

Bots are used to: Create fake profiles in other to disrupt the political views of the citizenry\par. Bots are also used to promote fake news on social media in other to corrupt the mindset of gullible people into believing the twisted facts they want them to see.

News and friends feed is what people go to social media to read. But when facts are manipulated to feed a common difference we have, it creates animosity. Such a thing is what Bot does on social media. Bots are also used to grow fake followings all over social media. People attach a lot of prestige to someone who has a huge following all over social media. For that reason, Bots are used to give them what they seek. Bots are also used to run multiple registrations on sites that place it as going against their terms of service.

Captchas have been invented to curb the effect of Bots online, but the impact hasn't been felt as much as industry experts would wish they should be in the first place.

Visual Captchas, text and audio Captchas have been improved upon a couple of times to reduce the growing amount of bots on the internet, but little is still heard about getting a definite solution to the problem.

Hackers keep devising news way to beat the system, and internet security experts keep working to keep them out.

However, almost all current CAPTCHA models have been broken using different recognition and AI attacks. VICAP is the new technology that is known to be the most secure captcha on the market at the time speaking. For more information please visit our website www.vicap-cyber.com

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