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25 Nov 2018

Senetas Releases ‘Virtualised’ Multi-Layer Network Encryption.

Senetas Europe Limited G32

As data encryption is more widely adopted to protect sensitive information across high-speed networks, and network virtualization rapidly grows, Senetas a leader in certified network data encryption, exhibits its CV1000 Virtual Encryptor to the European market at the International Security Expo 2018. 

The Virtual Encryptor CV1000 delivers the benefits enterprises seek from virtualized networks - unparalleled scalability, flexibility and management simplicity and performance. Significantly, the CV1000 provides the policy based multi-Layer encryption required to meet the security needs of today’s increasingly multi-Layer networked enterprises.
The Senetas CV1000 is a Virtualized Network Function (VNF) that may run on any x86 hardware, delivering up to 5Gbps performance and is designed to protect large-scale virtual WAN data. It complements the Senetas CN Series multi-certified (FIPS, Common Criteria and NATO) high-assurance hardware encryptors. Together they enable cost-effective enterprise wide end-to-end network data security. While the CN Series hardware encryptors provide a maximum security and performance solution for core IT and network infrastructure; the CV Series virtual encryptor is aimed at organisations’ large-scale WANs. The CV and CN encryptors are 100% interoperable. 
The CV1000 Virtual Encryptor provides Transport Layer Independent encryption (network Layers 2, 3 and 4), through concurrent, multi-layered encryption security for data-in-motion across mixed high-speed WAN links. This designed-in, policy and topology based maximum payload encryption, is customer destination policy defined.  
Full integration with Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure provides centralised encryption key server support - master key security and random number generation for centralised encryption key server support.
Senetas Europe Managing Director, Graham Wallace, explained, “Senetas now provides organisation-wide encrypted network data security - with 360-degree network security through end-to-end encrypted network data – delivered by the CV1000 virtualised network and transport Layer-agnostic encryptor for large-scale extended WANs; and the CN Series certified high-assurance hardware encryption for infrastructure data protection.

Graham Wallace will be presenting “Data Sharing – Who Has The Power?” at the Expo on the 29th. His presentation will focus on the importance of encrypted file sharing and data sovereignty. 

Senetas we will be showcasing the SureDrop encrypted file sharing application,

To learn more about SureDrop: www.sure-drop.com 

To learn more about Senetas: www.senetas.com 

To contact Graham Wallace: graham.wallace@senetas-europe.com 

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