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22 Nov 2018

Senetas Expands Cyber-Security Solutions to Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR).

Senetas Europe Limited G32

Senetas will once again be exhibiting at the most important event in their UK calendar. This year Senetas will showcase its SureDrop encrypted file sharing application, certified Ethernet network hardware encryptors, and virtualised network encryption solution.

Importantly, Senetas will also announce to the international cyber-security community its majority investment in Votiro Cybersec Global (Votiro) and its market-leading product, Votiro Disarmer.

Votiro Disarmer is the leader in advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) security technology. As cyber-threats increasingly involve various malware and malicious code, traditional anti-virus sandbox tools are proving insufficient protection against zero-day exploits. Votiro Disarmer excels in identifying these threats.
Senetas Europe’s Managing Director, Graham Wallace, commented, “Votiro provides an ideal product partnership with Senetas’s encrypted file sharing application, SureDrop, that will be distributed globally in the New Year. Senetas customers will soon be able to choose to deploy SureDrop or SureDrop+ (SureDrop plus Votiro Disarmer).” Mr. Wallace explained, “Votiro Disarmer is much more than an anti-virus sandbox. It is entirely different to sandbox solutions. The difference is not in degree, but in kind. Votiro Disarmer, multi-patented, certified and awardwinning, uses a different enhanced approach to file sanitisation and reconstruction.” Votiro Disarmer ensures no file content entering an organisation, or being
shared around the organisation will have known viruses or other malware, or unknown zero-day exploits. SureDrop provides maximum encryption security and data sovereignty control over all content shared within and outside an organisation. “Our customers can have the best of both worlds”, added Mr.Wallace.

Mr. Wallace concluded, “Senetas saw an optimal synergy between Votiro and Senetas product technologies. Both organisations offer state-of-the-art security technologies; both maximise security without compromising performance or users’ experience.”

Graham Wallace will be presenting:

“Data Sharing – Who Has The Power?” at the Expo on the 29th at 14.40 in Theatre 4.

His presentation will focus on the importance of encrypted file sharing and data sovereignty.Senetas we will be showcasing SureDrop encrypted file sharing application,
together with CN Series Ethernet network encryptors and CV Series virtualised network encryptors.
To learn more about SureDrop: www.sure-drop.com
To learn more about Senetas: www.senetas.com
To learn more about Votiro Disarmer: https://www.votiro.com/products/
To contact Graham Wallace: graham.wallace@senetas-europe.com

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