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27 Nov 2018

Senetas 100Gbps Certified Ultra-High-Performance Hardware Encryptor for the Most Secure Big Data.

Senetas Europe Limited G32
Senetas CN9120 100Gbps encryptor delivers uncompromising performance and delights customers.

As Big Data just gets bigger by the day, and cyber-security threats grow at a similar rate, Senetas early adopter customers for the Senetas 100Gbps hardware encryptor are smiling! Launched late last year, the Senetas 100Gbps CN9120 FIPS and Common Criteria certified encryptor has a strong delivery pipeline.

Senetas Europe managing director, Graham Wallace, points out that the early adopters of 100Gbps data networks and others currently piloting the technology across government, service provider and commercial sectors are among the most security aware organisations and service providers in the world. “Some have been Senetas customers for nearly 20 years insisting on ‘high-assurance’ encryption hardware and state-of-the-art Encryption Key Management. They understand the catastrophes that follow successful breaches of network data, vulnerable network devices and the impact theft of unencrypted data has on customers, their businesses and brands.”

There is also a well-proven relationship between network data volumes and the threats of eavesdropping and cyber-attacks. As cyber-criminals seek to steal large volumes of data, ultra-high-speed networks are ideal targets - just a few seconds of network eavesdropping, tapping, and ‘sniffing’ deliver many gigabits of potentially valuable and unprotected data.

“We have been working closely with customers, data security organisations and partners to better understand customers’ network bandwidth requirements over the next five years and beyond to ensure the application of our technology is meeting those requirements. The 100Gigabit encryptor reflects our most security aware customers’ future bandwidth and security requirements. We have already made deliveries to some of the world’s largest Cloud and data centre service providers”, Mr Wallace added.

Customer deliveries reflect data centre interconnect security, location to location link encryption, and Big Data aggregation customer use cases. Customers have been delighted by the remarkable latency of a consistent ultra-low <2Mu seconds that ensures maximum user experience.  “Customers even recognise the fact that the CN9120, with its 10x bandwidth performance greater than the 10Gbps encryptor, the CN9120 still only requires 1U rack space and much less than 10x the energy!” explained Mr. Wallace.

Graham Wallace will be presenting “Data Sharing – Who Has The Power?” at the Expo on the 29th. His presentation will focus on the importance of encrypted file sharing and data sovereignty.

Senetas we will be showcasing SureDrop encrypted file sharing application, together with CN Series Ethernet network encryptors and CV Series virtualised network encryptors.

To learn more about CN9120: https://www.senetas.com/products/cn-encryptors/cn9000/

To learn more about Senetas: www.senetas.com

To contact Graham Wallace: graham.wallace@senetas-europe.com

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