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RAMM Science to Demonstrate groundbreaking LiDAR multi-sensory Security Surveillance System at International Security Expo 2018

Ramm Science A80

ABOUT RAMM Science Ltd.

RAMM Science was founded in New Zealand in 2017 by Alain Richardt. Now headquartered in London, UK, in the heart of London’s burgeoning 'Silicon Valley Roundabout’ district. RAMM Science offers the world’s leading AI Deep Learning powered security surveillance system for real-time capture and processing of 3D mapping data and object detection, tracking, and classification.


LONDON, United Kingdom, 30 October, 2018 – RAMM Science Ltd, a leading provider of next-generation LiDAR smart sensing solutions, today announced that it will demonstrate a first-of-its-kind security solution for intruder detection and surveillance automation at International Security Expo, Europe’s premier security trade show. The demonstration will integrate RAMM Science’s AI powered DeepPoint security technology with a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera and newly released LiDAR Sensor. This will take place at stand A80 from November 28-29.

These demonstrations will mark the first time DeepPoint, a detection and security surveillance system powered by AI Deep Learning has been fully integrated with a PTZ camera, allowing for real-time detection, tracking, and counting using 3D point clouds and colour video. The system uses LiDAR to quickly detect and classify a human intruding into a secure area, and follow that unique subject with a video security camera throughout a designated area.

“Current security systems are plagued by inefficiencies and expensive false alarms. By combining three key technologies; Artificial Intelligence, LiDAR and PTZ cameras, we have created a new, optimized security solution,” said Alain Richardt, chief executive officer of RAMM Science. “With RAMM Science’s DeepPoint, an advanced PTZ camera, and a LiDAR sensor, the system can detect security breaches quickly and accurately, and will catch any intrusion. No other system on the market today provides this level of advanced integrated capability.”

With a LiDAR-equipped security system, security professionals no longer need to monitor several cameras and TV screens at the same time – rather, they can be assured that the LiDAR sensor will detect intrusions into secure areas and automatically direct the PTZ camera specifically to the location in question. The system can also zoom, focus, and monitor specific zones of interest, with certain custom, pre-defined complex behavioural triggers prompting it to track and record within a given space.

“We’re excited to demonstrate DeepPoint and show the integration of cutting-edge LiDAR and advanced security cameras,” said Alain, “Our demonstration shows the potential of automated security services and their ability to empower businesses and individuals to more efficiently keep their property safe.”

In this integration, RAMM Science will be merging its DeepPoint technology, comprising a newly released to market LiDAR sensor, with an advanced PTZ camera which possesses outstanding accuracy as well as ultra-smooth and rapid motion with continuous rotation in both pan and tilt. The LiDAR sensor provides a 360° field of view, high accuracy, fine resolution and has a maximum range exceeding 150 meters.

The RAMM Science DeepPoint platform will be on display during International Security Expo 2018 at the RAMM Science stand, A80.

 For more information, please visit https://ramm.science/x/home/

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