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01 Oct 2018

Protection from IR / Thermal Detection / Bulletproof Constructions

Euro Trade G42

We are proud to announce a new military option, strengthening the security and protection capability of our products.  All our constructions, bulletproof or not, past or future implementations, can now be protected from high tech targeting. A cost-effective solution reducing thermal signature down to minimum or zero.

Minimize kill probability & Maximize Survivability against:

  • UAV/UCAV observation and hit
  • Thermal Seeking Warheads/Thermal Sensors Detection 
  • Anti-Tank Missiles (ATM), Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM), Anti-Tank Guided Weapons(ATGW) 
  • Air to Ground and Ground to Ground Missiles that use EO/IR sensor

All our construcitons are now:

  • Harder to be identified/classified 
  • Harder to be tracked 
  • Harder to be engaged 
  • Harder to be hit


  • Real Stealth Capability
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to install
  • Solar reflective
  • Maintenance free

 Further info here: pavlos.karyotis@eurotrade.gr

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