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28 Nov 2018

Prevent RFID card cloning

Dot Origin Ltd L8
Secure your RFID access against card cloning

Hand-held cloning kits are available on Amazon and eBay for as little as £10, giving anyone the capability to copy the majority of building access cards and fobs in use today.

Despite their insecurity, cards and fobs that make use of out-dated RFID technology standards continue to be sold with new access control systems today.

All security professionals need to be aware of this vulnerability within many physical access control systems, and how to protect against it.

While developing the ‘Key-ID Encoder’ solution, our research brought to light a number of readily available, and low cost, devices that have been designed to let anyone clone the majority of contactless cards. There are also web sites offering card and tag copying services - sometimes without even needing an original credential to be provided.

To protect against card cloning, organisations need to make full use of the features within secure standards of RFID technology; protecting the information stored on cards from being read or copied inappropriately, and supporting securely encrypted communications to and from the card.

Our ‘Key-ID Encoder’ secures RFID credentials; making use of up-to-date technology standards to give organisations control over their own unique RFID credential encryption keys. You wouldn’t share IT-admin passwords with 3rd parties – so why trust anyone else with your RFID encryption keys?

With over 20 years of experience working with smart card and RFID based security - Dot Origin can help to review existing systems, identify vulnerabilities, and propose cost-effective solutions.


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