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ORBL Solutions

ORBL Solutions L44

ORBL SECURITY solutions built on top of innovative VIDEO IDENTIFICATION PLATFORM. Based on 4 neural networks with 99,999999% accuracy rate it enables any system to provide the most advanced, seamless and scalable security management service.

  • access control;
  • 2FA;
  • black/grey/white lists;
  • zone control;
  • working hours management;
  • heating maps;
  • security operations confirmation by face;
  • face+id feature;
  • defining the exact location of sertain people presense;
  • identifying the emotional score of employees during high-risk operations;

and dozens of other products are bringing truly intelligent and revolutionary experience for consumers.


  • Open API just for the engine or for ready-to-use solutions to integrate.
  • Cloud access or on premise licencing models available for highly security institutions.

Our incredibly powerful software easy scale and flex with customers’ needs.

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