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16 Oct 2018

Material for Medical Protective Suit

AIC Magnetics Ltd M44
Aprons, Wearables, Patient Protection, Pediatric Protection

Made by our lightweight, high performance radiation protection material.

It's widely used for X-ray protective suits, apron, collar, gloves and lift lead curtain, etc.

  • Lighter, thinner and softer.
  • Lead equivalent meet protection
  • maximum width up to 1.4M.

Lead-free shielding material

  • Colour:maize-yellow /ash black/others;
  • Lead equivalent :0.125/0.25/0.35/0.5/1.0mmPb;
  • Thickness:0.2mm~4.0mm;
  • Gram weight:1.5~12.5kg/m2 ;
  • Hardness :40±5(Shore A);
  • Tensile Strength:6MPa;
  • Temperature range:-40℃~70℃;
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